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Kao scientists share new insights in “The Journal of Physical Chemistry”

On May 30th, Prof. Dr. Crisan Popescu, Dr. Bernd Nöcker and Dr. Steven Breakspear of Kao´s European Research Laboratories, Darmstadt, Germany, shared their latest insights into the hair fibre in the title story of renowened scientific journal “The Journal of Physical Chemistry” with a paper titled “Relevance and
Evaluation of Hydrogen and Disulfide Bond Contribution to the Mechanics of Hard α-Keratin Fibers”. For the first time in the world, hair elasticity could be understood at a molecular level. The contribution of the different bonds (Sulfur- and Hydrogen-bonds) inside the hair could be better interpreted, in addition to how these bonds are influenced by water and hair damage. This new knowledge is very important for future improvements in hair styling and damage repair products. Additionally it underpins the scientific
leadership of Kao´s scientists in the field of Hair science.

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