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Promoting female careers at Kao – Kao Germany contributes to book publication of the Women Careers Index

Kao Germany has been cooperating with the Women's Careers Index since 2014 to analyze and improve the promotion of women´s careers in the company. Since then, a variety of measures have been implemented. In addition to a comprehensive action plan and communication around “Family & Work”, which includes not only childcare support but also flex-work offers etc, the mentoring program for women in particular has ensured sustainable progress. "We do not think we can support women's careers with a women's quota," said Liane Beine-Kreter, EMEA Talent Management, who set up the program. "We're all about individual talent development to create the best possible teams and leaders." The results support these actions. The number of women in management positions at Kao in all German legal entities increased from only 18% in 2014 to 26% in 2018. Reason enough for the Women Careers Index to ask Kao to participate in this book project, where companies from all over Germany and a variety of industries present their respective support programs for female leaders.

On the occasion of the book release, Kao welcomed the Women Career Index Managing Director Barbara Lutz together with participants of the Kao mentoring program to a podium discussion. About 50 employees had come for an exchange of views and listened intently to the individual experiences, tips and tricks of the panelists. And they all agreed on one thing: especially within Kao, women themselves can do a lot to promote their careers by being more courageous, self-confident and visible. "We are not a company that sets strict career paths," says Liane Beine-Kreter. "We try to meet each employee´s needs individually. But that also means that every employee can and must actively help shape his or her career in the company.”

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