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Kao Business Conduct Guidelines Casebook

This casebook introduces hypothetical cases to illustrate the conduct and decision-making that the Kao Group expects of employees.


  • CASE 1 My supervisor instructs me to commit an illegal act.
  • CASE 2 I witnessed my supervisor's inappropriate action.
  • CASE 3 When and what should I report to my supervisor?
  • CASE 4 How should I deal with a customer complaint?
  • CASE 5 May I use the customer list you have?
  • CASE 6 Environmental standards of this country are more lax than internal environmental standards of the Kao Group.
  • CASE 7 I am meeting employees of the Kao Group's competitors at an industry association conference.
  • CASE 8 I would like to go through immigration smoothly!
  • CASE 9 What does "respecting diversity" mean?
  • CASE 10 The jokes make me uncomfortable.
  • CASE 11 One of our suppliers may be using child labor.
  • CASE 12 What can I disclose to external parties?
  • CASE 13 What is meant by a "clean" relationship with public administration?
  • CASE 14 I am considering making incorrect accounting records in order to accomplish next quarter's target.
  • CASE 15 Is it OK to post freely on social media?
  • CASE 16 I found a beautiful illustration on the Internet!
  • CASE 17 My superior requests that I submit a report about the Kao Group's competitor for which I previously worked.
  • CASE 18 I just "borrowed" the company's assets for a little while.
  • CASE 19 How do I make a donation on the company's behalf?
  • CASE 20 The Kao Group is expanding its business area!
  • CASE 21 I have a chance to make lots of money on the stock exchange!
  • CASE 22 My husband/wife works for one of the Kao Group's competitors.
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