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Making Life Beautiful

We want everyone, without prejudice, to have the opportunity to live a beautiful life—both physically and mentally. In addition to a Kirei Lifestyle and our sustainability efforts, we are:


Giving back where we live and work

We believe in creating the change we want to see. That’s why we’re supporting human rights organizations, annual giving campaigns, putting families first and more. We’re donating products, services and support to worthy causes like our Salon Recovery Initiative created to help salons recover and rebuild as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. And volunteering our time and talents during volunteer days, park clean-ups to improve where we work and live.


Raising awareness to change behaviors

We believe in giving people the power to change their own consciousness and behavior to live a more sustainable lifestyle. By providing people with resources, skills and knowledge through initiatives like hand washing and hygiene programs and our annual International Environment Painting Contest, we are making it easier for people protect our planet and improve the environment in which we live.




Kirei – Making Life Beautiful


Kao’s principles and values go beyond the boundaries and walls of the company. Our principles and values come from human beings who come together to better ourselves, to better society, for our products to improve things, but also through our actions, to improve our planet, to improve our communities. We’re doing something beyond ourselves.

Brian, Legal, Americas Region


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