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Consumer Care ESG Strategy and Activities

Performance in service of people and planet, to create a Kirei life for all. The Consumer Care Business aims to enable a beautiful life for all. That’s why we are passionate about products which perform for those we serve. We have always done this with our values of Yoki-Monozukuri, innovation and integrity at the heart. But today, it’s no longer enough to just prioritize the needs of people. We must prioritize the needs of our planet, too. Ensuring those that we serve can enjoy products which work for them, work for society, and work for the planet – without compromise.


Formulas That Are Safe for the Planet

Give our consumers formulations that provide the highest level of safety and performance with the lowest negative impact on people, animals and planet.

About Safe Formulas 

Sustainable Formulation Design Vision – Maximum Performance with Minimum Negative Impact

  • By 2025, strive to have all our products be safe for land and water through formulas which are made with biodegradable ingredients and will not harm aquatic life.
  • By 2025, all products, that are made in-house, are made in carbon neutral factories.
  • Ongoing, support water conservation by reducing full lifecycle H2O use via reformulations and formats.

Responsible Ingredient Selection

  • Ongoing, use responsibly sourced ingredients that are aligned to our standards in respect to natural systems, animal welfare, human health and human rights.


Formulas That Are Safe for the Planet – John Frieda and Bioré

Iconic hair care brand John Frieda’s Shampoo Bars offer concentrated formulas that are highly effective yet gentle on the planet with plastic free packaging, 95% biodegradable ingredients, vegan friendly and SLS/SLES sulfate free. On top of that they last twice as long as normal shampoos. All the newest Bioré launches (Daily Detox, Dry/Gentle Line and Clean Detox) now carry the new Formula Safe for the Environment’ icon which is awarded only to products that meet the highest standard of maximizing biodegradability and respecting aquatic life.


Packaging That Support Zero Waste

Bring to our marketplace innovative packaging materials, designs and systems that support people in attaining zero waste lifestyles.

About Packaging 

  • Recycle: By 2025, strive to have all of our packaging be designed for recycling.
  • Replace: By 2025, strive to incorporate 50% post-consumer recycled materials in our plastic packaging and use responsibly sourced wood fiber materials.
  • Reduce: By 2025, reduce fossil fuel-based virgin plastic by 30% compared to 2017 and minimize the amount of plastic packaging used via innovative designs.
  • Reuse: By 2025, innovate with new reuse and refill formats.


Packaging That Support Zero Waste – John Frieda’s Packaging Journey

Beginning in 2022, John Frieda brand is working to incorporate at least 30% PCR into our packaging, starting with our tubes in 2023. In addition, all unnecessary secondary packaging has been removed –saving an impressive 49 tons of board per year! The iconic John Frieda Serums have gone through a rigorous update with great results – a reduction of plastic by 50%, a 45% PCR content plus they are recyclable.


Brands That Care for Society

Use the power of our brands to positively contribute to society and educate and empower our consumer to live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.

About Brands

  • Action: By 2021, each of our brands will serve society through their core purpose, social responsibility and community actions.
  • Information: By 2025, we will provide accessible sustainability information which empower every consumer to live a more sustainable life.


Brands That Care for Society – John Frieda and Bioré

John Frieda is a national sponsor of GLSEN, the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. At John Frieda, we believe in GLSEN’s mission to work locally in communities to ensure safe schools for all students – and in helping people find the power in who they are. While hair does not define one’s identity, we recognize that hair can be an integral part of gender identity and expression. That’s why we continue to be a national sponsor and partner with GLSEN to help create safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ+ students. Together, we believe when you identify the things that make you, you, that’s true beauty.


The Bioré Skincare brand has always taken an unconventional approach to skincare, now we’re bringing that same thinking to mental health with our #GetThatSh*tOut Initiative. Embracing the brand’s core values of inclusivity, courage and curiosity, we are committed to improving society in our ongoing mission to normalize conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Through this initiative, our goal is to introduce and support healthy habits that will improve mental health now and for years to come.


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