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Best selling Hair Spray in Japan is now in Singapore!

Feb 2012 - Does this sound familiar to you: you spent a long time styling your hair, only to have it ruined the moment you stepped out of the house when a big gust of wind mess up your hair? Or that the curls that you painstakingly tonged to loosen when you ran for the bus? That is now a thing of the past with Liese Super Hard Spray.

Liese Super Hard Spray has an “Instant Lock” technology that holds all hairstyle in place instantly. It will hold all hairstyle in place, even in the wind, even if you run! No wonder it has been the Number 1 selling hair spray in Japan in over 16 years! (Source, Intage Inc SRI Data – 1995)

Hairstyle is locked in place instantly

To keep hairstyle in place, just spray the Liese Super Hard Spray generously all over hair. It can also be used to achieve these results:

  • To create volume: lift up the inner layers of hair and spray near the roots
  • To smoothen frizz: spray on the surface and smoothen over with your hands
  • To hold hairstyle in place: spray all over hair as a finishing step

So, spray it on for all-day holding power. Now available in 2 sizes: 180g ($9.90) and 50g ($6.90), available exclusively at Watsons.

Product Fact Sheet


  • Holds hairstyle in place, even when you run, even in strong wind
  • To create volume – lift up inner layers of hair and spray near the roots
  • To smoothen frizz, reduce volume – spray at the surface and smoothen over with hands
  • To hold curls or updo in place – spray generously and evenly all over hair as a finishing step.

Revolutionary Hair Spray that lets you style without worry about stickiness

Feb 2012 - Styling your hair does not mean you need to endure it becoming sticky and limpy after time. Now, with Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray, achieving your desired airy volume hairstyle is as simple as "Lift, Spray, Scrunch!"

Introducing the revolutionary Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray from Japan. It contains a unique self-bonding polymer that sticks only to itself, but not to anything else! What this means is that it has a strong hold with hair strands that has been sprayed with the product. But when your hands touches your hair, it will feel smooth and dry, just like nothing has been sprayed on it at all

Easier to use than Wax!

Hair wax has been one of the most popular hairstyling product format in Singapore. However, users have to content with the difficulty in applying wax evenly on hair, and that wax tend to become sticky after a while. With Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray, you just need to spray generously on hair, then scrunch to achieve the desired airy results.

Spray and restyle as much as you want. Your hair will never feel sticky!

An added benefit of the Liese Free Arrange Spray is that you can keep spraying when you want to restyle. It will never become sticky or leave your hair limpy. Anytime you want to get more volume, just 1) Lift, 2) Spray, 2) Scrunch. So, go ahead and spray. You can never spray too much!

Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray is available exclusively at Watsons in 2 sizes: 180g ($9.90) and 42g ($6.90)