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Asience relaunches with 2 new variants

April, 2008 - Since its launch in July, Asience, as a premium hair care brand with the quest of enhancing the beauty of Asian women's hair, is strongly accepted and supported by women with a sophisticated beauty sensibility. Over time, Asience had added new products in the advanced care segment and in April 2008, yet again relaunch the shampoo and conditioner range with a new breakthrough technology in the hair care industry.

This dramatic evolution was accomplished by Kao's development of a proprietary technology that restores the protective function of 18-MEA, a key component on that gives hair its smooth touch. With this technology, Kao has succeeded in recreating the smooth feel of virgin hair.

Product Details

Product Names and Bottle Types

Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo Regular
Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo Pump
Asience Deep Nourish Conditioner Regular
Asience Deep Nourish Conditioner Pump
Asience Moisture Balance Shampoo Regular
Asience Moisture Balance Shampoo Pump
Asience Moisture Balance Conditioner Regular
Asience Moisture Balance Conditioner Pump



Available at all leading Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Minimarts and Provision stores.

Product Features

Asience Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment support the function of the hair's protective coating, 18-MEA to give hair a silky, smooth texture.

MEA Hair Renewal Technology

This technology repairs the hair's protective coating to give it a silky smooth texture.

  • 18-MEA is the major component of the surface of the cuticle.

  • While this key component makes up less than 1% of the hair, more than 90% of people tested have been able to identify its presence or absence by touch.

  • According to Kao research, 18-MEA is so vulnerable to external factors that more than 80% of it is lost through a single hair coloring. Since it cannot be regenerated, depletion of 18-MEA reduces the quality of hair texture and this is the major cause of hair problems modern women face.

Asian Beauty Essence

ASIENCE s trademark Asian Beauty Essence, packed with natural Asian beauty care ingredients to treat hair from within

  • Pearl and Soybean essence (Repair)
  • Korean Ginseng and Camellia Oil essence (Moisturize)
  • Eucalyptus (Protect)
And the beautiful result? Hair becomes progressively more supple and strong yet baby-soft and silky-smooth to the touch with a radiance that will make heads turn.

Product Range

1. Moisture Balance - Boasts 50% more moisture-balancing ingredients to give normal to oily hair a moisture boost while gently removing excess dirt and oil. Unhealthy greasy-looking hair is transformed into radiant, bouncy and supple locks with a silky-smooth touch.

2. Deep Nourish - Contains the perfect blend of nourishing ingredients to repair and nourish normal to dry/damaged hair beautifully. Dry and damaged rebellious hair is tamed into soft, supple, bouncy tresses that are silky-smooth to the touch and beautifully shiny.

For more information, please visit www.asience.com.sg

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