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Laurier launches Super Slim Guard 22.5cm Gathers

May, 2010 - Kao Singapore will launch an extension to the Super Slim Guard range of products with 22.5cm with Safety Gathers for extra protection from side leakage in May 2010. This launch will expand Super Slim Guard’s offering in the day segment, which already consist of 17cm (for light flow days), 22.5cm (for regular flow days) and 25cm (for heavy flow days).

A consumer survey conducted in 2009 revealed that while females expect their napkins to be soft, thin and absorbent, other attributes of “hard to leak from sides” & “have gathers” are becoming important as well.

Laurier Super Slim Guard 22.5cm with Safety Gathers is ideal for females who appreciate thinness in a sanitary napkin and extra protection, all-in-one. The soft safety gathers at the sides of the napkin fit perfectly to the body to lock in side flow, giving extra protection from side leakage.

With this new launch, Laurier Super Slim Guard also unveils a brand new ambassador – Mediacorp artiste Joanne Peh. With her hectic lifestyle as an award-winning top-notch actress, Joanne undergoes long hours of filming. Laurier Super Slim Guard gives her the assurance of maximum protection and absorbency during those few days of the month, without having to compromise her work or lifestyle. Neither does she have to worry about the numerous costume changes as no matter which tight-fitting outfit she is assigned to, Laurier Super Slim Guard hides discreetly beneath without showing nary a bulge.

The complete range of Super Slim Guard starts from 17cm for light flow days, 22.5cm for regular flow days, 25cm for heavy flow days, 30cm for heavy flow nights and 35cm for extra heavy flow nights.

Product Details
Laurier Super Slim Guard 22.5cm Gathers
Laurier Super Slim Guard 22.5cm Gathers
Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, minimarts and provision stores
Sales commencement date: 8 February 2010

Product Features

  • 1mm ultra thin absorbent sheet
  • Polymer inside ultra thin absorbent sheet lock 200x of liquid within each polymer instantly
  • Super soft and fine Safety Gathers fit perfectly to the body to lock in side flow & give extra protection from side leakage
  • Thinness and absorbency all in one

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