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Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

February, 2010 - Liese introduces the Smooth Hair Cocktail, a bi-layer detangler to smoothen out all tangles instantly. Bi-layer Treatment contains Repairing Water which is instantly absorbed by hair to provide hydration. The top layer is Moisture Milk that locks in moisture and leaves a smooth coating on hair so comb glides through effortlessly.

Product details
Contents: Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail 140ml
Sales commencement date: 8 February 2010

Product Features

  • Unique bi-layer treatment contain Repairing Water and Moisture Milk that combines perfectly by just shaking.
  • Repairing water is absorbed instantly and hydrates hair from inside out.
  • Moisture Milk locks in moisture and leaves a smooth coating on each strand of hair.
  • The creamy ingredient in the Moisture Milk also prevents friction and statis that arises from brushing.
  • One-touch pump design makes it easy to apply onto hair, especially tangled portions of hair.

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