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Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover

December, 2009 - Singapore’s humid weather means our bathrooms often fall victim to stubborn stains and mold. Commonly wet areas like in between grooves of wall tiles, silicone along shower booth and washing basin, etc. have the most difficult stains and mold to rid of. Tedious scrubbing for a weekend is probably needed.

Not anymore. Magiclean, the leading household cleaners in Singapore launches the all-new no-scrub Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold remover.

No scrubbing needed to remove stubborn stains and mold!

Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold remover specialised bleach formula rapidly penetrates into stubborn stains and mold, removing them effectively.
Product details
Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold remover Trigger
Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold remover Refill 400ml

Sales commencement date: December 09
Available in all leading Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Minimarkets and Provision stores.
Product Features

  1. Foam solution penetrates to the roots of mold stains and decomposes them, so there is no need for scrubbing.
  2. It is effective for removing stubborn stains and mold from the grooves in between bathroom tiles of wall and floor, silicone at shower booths, washing basin and toilet bowls
  3. It brightens and cleans bathroom surfaces.
  4. Bleach agent kills germs effectively.
  5. Cleaning the bathroom is now effortless, easy and fast
For more information, please contact:
Customer care hotline: 6396 0400
E-mail: magiclean@kao.com.sg

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