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Magiclean Wiper 2012

No More Hassle! Transforms the Way You Clean!

Feb 2012 - Sayonara to your cleaning woes and say Konnichiwa to hassle-free cleaning! The new and improved Magiclean Wiper mop is all set to make a remarkable change to your dreary cleaning routine! The innovative design is backed by Japan advanced R&D to address every householdís cleaning needs perfectly.

The hassle of interchanging between a mop and broom is now going to be a thing of the past with Magiclean Wiper mopís dual cleaning capability. Now, one simple cleaning tool can perform both tasks effortlessly! Look forward to halving the time you spend on your household chores!

Dual Cleaning Capability

Wipe or Mop? Itís your pick with our choice of Wet or Dry sheets. Magiclean Wiper mop acts as both a mop and broom to efficiently clean up your house with minimal effort!

360° Wiper Head Rotation

Swivel the Wiper mop around chair legs or objects and enjoy cleaning with absolute ease!

Innovative Curved Cushion Head

Improved with a slight curve and a unique circular pattern, Magiclean Wiper mop boasts an unparalleled ability to trap dirt, dust and hair!

Ultra Slim Head

With a Wiper head that is only 2.8cm thick, you can now reach into previously untouched narrow spaces to get rid of all the trapped dust!

Website: www.magiclean.com.sg
Sales commencement date: June 2012
Available in all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, minimarkets and provision stores.
For more information, please contact:
Miss Dawn Low
Brand Manager
Kao Singapore Pte. Ltd
E-mail: dawn@kao.com.sg