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Magiclean "Quick Dry" Floor Cleaner

September, 2008 - Enjoy clean, smooth floor with new improved Magiclean "Quick Dry" Floor Cleaner! It is a revolutionary break-through that significantly shortens the drying time after mopping. Now, you can resume your normal activities faster! No more waiting for floors to dry.

Non-stickiness on floor and the ease in stain removing has always been the top 2 concerns of consumers. The Quick Dry formulation is able to let floor dry faster without footprints, thereby reducing floor stickiness instantly with a smooth finish.

For the well-being of our consumers, the whole range will have anti-bacterial properties as well.
Product details
Magiclean Fresh Floral
Magiclean Fresh Lemon
Magiclean Lavender
Magiclean Spring Blossom
Magiclean Lily Bouquet
Pack Sizes
2L & 3L
2L & 3L
2L & 3L
2L & 3L

2L & 3L

Sales commencement date: Aug 08
Available in all leading Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Minimarkets and Provision stores

Product Features

  • Floor dries significantly faster than previous formulation
  • Shorter drying time provides no stickiness where smooth finish creates comfort on bare feet
  • Effectively removes cleaning and stains
  • Anti-bacterial properties keep floors hygienically clean and safe from germs
  • Improvement in fragrance for both Lemon and Lavender variants

For more information, please contact:
Customer care hotline: 6396 0400
E-mail: magiclean@kao.com.sg

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