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Fundamental Hair Beautifying Care from Scalp to Hair.
From root to tip, supple hair from within.

Mid March 2012 – New improved ASIENCE now cares for both the scalp and hair. Rather than just treating damage hair, ASIENCE thinks about the future condition of hair by providing “Fundamental Hair Beautifying Care from Scalp to Hair”, remaining true to its Asian Beauty philosophy.

By caring for the scalp, which is the foundation of hair, hair is restored to its original beauty from root to tip. Feel the difference every time you touch your hair- hair has a lively bounce and suppleness from root to tip.

For beautiful hair now, and in the future.

Features of New ASIENCE

"5 Features to care from scalp to hair"

Advanced ASIENCE works from scalp to hair.
Improved "New Asian Beauty Formula" cares from scalp to hair.
From root to tip, supple hair from within.

Feature 1:New Formula that works from scalp to hair

ASIENCE’s original "Asian Beauty Essence" has a new improved formula with Licorice Essence for scalp and Lotus Flower Essence for hair.

Feature 2:New Formula that moisturizes the scalp

The scalp’s barrier and function in maintaining moisture is weaker compared to other areas of skin. The scalp actually loses moisture during shampooing. Because we shampoo every day, New Asience is formulated to moisturize during shampoo.

Feature 3:Fine, rich and premium foam

The fine and rich premium foam cushions between hair strands during shampoo. It leaves hair tangle-free.

Feature 4:"HBT", the essence of ASIENCE’s Hair Beautifying Technology

Damaged hair wears down hair’s inner structure, creating hollows. Kao’s original Hollow Repair Technology (HBT) allows the protein fibres to plump up, repairing the hollows, and restoring the shine and suppleness of hair.

ASIENCE applied this technology not just to the conditioner and treatment, but also to the shampoo. Now you can repair hair from the inside while you shampoo.

Feature 5:Improved Cuticle’s Protective Coating, "MEA"

The smoothness of hair depends on the cuticle’s protective coating, "MEA". With the new technology, MEA are made into tiny particles for easy penetration into the surface of hair. Each and every hair strand is tangle-free, even when the hair is wet. Hair feels silky smooth during rinsing and after drying.

Product Details

New Asience Product Line Up

3 Variants for Asian Women’s Ideal Hair Needs:


For Dry, Frizzy & Unmanageable Hair Moisturized & Supple Finish


For Oily Scalp & Dry, Tangled Ends Light & Smooth Finish


For Coloured, Rebonded or Permed Hair Ultra Shiny Finish

Asience is available in all leading supermarket, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

Recommended Retail Price

Shampoo/ Conditioner 220ml
(Inner Rich/ Nature Smooth/ Shine Therapy)
Shampoo/ Conditioner 530ml
(Inner Rich/ Nature Smooth/ Shine Therapy)
Treatment 180g
(Inner Rich/ Nature Smooth/ Shine Therapy)
Hair Mask 200g
(Inner Rich/ Nature Smooth)
For more information, please email us at:

Ms June Soh (Brand Manager)june@kao.com.sg

Ms Eve Goh(Brand Executive) eve@kao.com.sg