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Laurier Safety Comfort

Suction, not just absorption
Revolutionary innovation from Japan that will change
the way you feel about your period

New Laurier Quick Lock & Quick Dry Technology addresses the needs of a modern woman

Launching in April 2011 [Singapore]- Kao Japan Research & Development presents a new innovation in sanitary napkins. While other sanitary napkin brands promise the clichéd absorption and dryness, the new Laurier Safety Comfort takes this promise to a whole new level by adding a new dimension of SUCTION-LIKE POWER. This is made possible with the once-in-a-decade innovative Quick Lock & Quick Dry Technology of Laurier Safety Comfort boasting:

2X* faster absorption
  • New Quick Lock System’s suction-like power absorbs fluids 2X* faster & locks it within, even when heavy flows come all at once
  • No more worries about leakages, no matter how heavy the flow
5X* drier
  • Feel superior dryness with 80% of blood reduced on innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface
  • Fluids are locked within centre core, reducing stuffy uncomfortable - feeling
    *Comparison with our company’s previous range

We understand that as a modern woman, you have multiple responsibilities at home and in the workplace. You no longer need to hurry to the washroom to check your skirt everytime you feel sudden gushes of heavy flow, or pad your bed with towels before sleeping through the night for fear of leakages. With the new Safety Comfort, all you get is peace-of-mind so that you can concentrate on other things that really matter.

Let us all welcome the new suction-like power in Laurier Safety Comfort no period can withstand. Laurier Safety Comfort consists of a complete range of Day and Night napkins in various lengths to suit your needs.

New Laurier Safety Comfort is available at all major supermarkets, pharmacies and personal care stores.

We can’t change periods, but we can change the way you feel about them.

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