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Asience Shine Therapy

Nov, 2008 - Following up its relaunch and Moisture Balance launch in April 2008, Asience has launched yet another variant – Shine Therapy that is truly relevant to modern Asian Beauties who are simply addicted to chemical treatments to vary their looks.

Its first professional range, Shine Therapy, is formulated specially to reverse the internal damages caused by harsh chemicals used in rebonding, colouring and perming. Combining its higher concentration of repairing essence Pearl & Soybean in its trademark Asian Beauty Essence and its patented penetrative technology, the holes of lost proteins are instantly filled up. The result? Hair becomes stronger, smoother with a healthy shine.

Product Details

Product Names and Bottle Types

Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo Regular
Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo Pump
Asience Shine Therapy Conditioner Regular
Asience Shine Therapy Conditioner Pump



Available at all leading Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Minimarts and Provision stores.

Product Features

Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner reverses the internal damages caused by chemical treatments, leaving your hair strong, smooth and shiny.

• Asian Beauty Essence with +50* more repairing essence

ASIENCE’s trademark Asian Beauty Essence, packed with natural Asian beauty care ingredients to treat hair from within
  • +50%* more Pearl and Soybean essence (Repair)
  • Korean Ginseng and Camellia Oil essence (Moisturize)
  • Eucalyptus (Protect)
  • * Compared to Deep Nourish Range

    • High Penetration Technology

    Patented penetration technology allows the precious essence to go deep into the hair fibre to repair damage caused by harsh chemicals during rebonding, colouring and perming.

    For more information, please visit www.asience.com.sg