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Attack ZERO – Ultimate Hygienic Cleanliness

Ever wondered why clothes turned yellowish or looked worn out over time even though you have washed them diligently? Are there grey stains on the collars and cuffs, that needs extra effort with bleach or stain remover? Stubborn invisible micro-stains are the culprit to the above.

Introducing new Attack Zero, an ultra-concentrated laundry detergent developed with Japan’s advanced R&D technology.


ZERO IN to remove microscopic stains

The innovative formulation allows Attack Zero to penetrate and zero in to get rid of hard-to-remove microscopic stains while preventing future stains from adhering to fabric fibres, maintaining clothing in its original clean condition. There is no need for pre-laundry treatment like soaking and scrubbing anymore, easing the laundry process and keeping it hassle-free!



While effectively removing stains, Attack Zero also help restores whites and colour brilliance. Bid goodbye to dull looking clothes!

ZERO IN to eliminate bacteria and germs* and inhibit musty odours

With the uncertainty in the looming health threats, it is important to ensure hygiene on our wearables. Attack Zero’s anti-bacterial formulation not only removes, but it also inhibits the growth of bacteria from wash to wear. It prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odours; be it sweat odour from perspiration, musty odour from wardrobe storage, or even odours caused by indoor drying.

As with its ultra-concentrated formulation, Attack Zero comes in a handy compact bottle format which allows for single hand usage. No more lugging of heavy and bulky detergent home!


The single-hand push format allows for easy dispensing of detergent without any spills or incidences of sticky detergent caps. Simply push to dispense detergent to the right volume that your laundry load requires.


  • * Removes and inhibits the growth of odour causing germs and bacteria, preventing musty odours from sweat and indoor drying.

Attack Zero is developed with environment sustainability in mind. Kao pledge to ensure that all stages of Attack Zero’s product life cycle are environmentally friendly, from materials selection to waste disposal.

Read about the story behind Attack Zero:


Now, let Attack Zero zero in for a real Hygienic Clean! Attack Zero is suitable for top and front-load washing machines with refill packs available.


They are available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, minimarkets and provision shops.


RSP: $8.95


RSP: $11.95

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Ms Sonia Chong
Brand Executive – Attack
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