Kao Business Conduct Guidelines

The Kao Group shall strive to be an honest and exemplary company driven by a fundamental adherence to ethical principles that go beyond mere compliance with laws to earn the true respect of all stakeholders.
The Kao Business Conduct Guidelines provide specific guidance on how to put the Kao Way into practice that is applicable to all Kao Group companies worldwide, including all executive and employees thereof. In order to promote compliance activities widely, the Kao Group is actively encouraging its business partners to comply with the spirit of the fundamental rule relating to fair and honest transactions and other relevant provisions of the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines.

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To all executives and employees of Kao Group companies

Kao Business Conduct Guidelines: Objectives and Applications

Kao Business Conduct Guidelines
Principles of Corporate Ethics
01. Ensure the Safety and High Quality of Products and Services
02. Thoroughly Consider the Environment and Safety
03. Maintain Fair and Honest Transactions
04. Respect Employees' Individual Human Rights and Diversity, and Maximize Their Potential
05. Pursue Profitable Growth and Accommodate Shareholders' and Investors' Expectations
06. Maintain a Fair, Open and Exemplary Corporate Position
07. Strictly Manage Information and Assets
08. Contribute to the Enrichment of Society through Activities that Make a Social Contribution
09. Respect Human Rights and the Diverse Cultures of Individual Countries and Regions and Observe Laws and International Rules When Conducting Business Activities
10. Draw a Distinct Line between Business and Private Matters
11. Executives and Managers shall Take the Lead in Complying with the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines and shall be Good Role Models for all Employees, and be Fully Responsible for Communicating the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines to their Members.

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