Laurier Soft&Safe

Laurier Soft & Safe Slim Antibacteria 25cm 8pcs

(Slim) Heavy flow For Day time Comfortably Soft, Protect all day long

Technology Anti Bacteria!
Reduce bacteria accumulation ,cause of odor Without perfume
Latest Innovation from Japan that would change every feeling at your period.
With NEW “Power Square Surface”, the latest innovation of napkin surface that provide …
5X times drier*
- Comfortably dry, no back flow. Comfortable sensation all the wearing time . Lock with Wonder gel
- Together with power square surface which increase absorption power
- Absorb even blood clot
- Instantly absorb and lock away wetness with Wonder Gel. No back flow.
*Compare to previous Laurier Num Sabai Hang Sanit

Laurier Soft&Safe

8 pcs

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