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Privacy Policy of Kao Thailand

We, Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Kao Consumer Product (Southeast Asia) Co.,Ltd (collectively "Kao Thailand", "us" or "we"), use and process personal information collected from or provided by our consumers, business partners and all parties who have dealings with us (collectively, "Customers") for various purposes, including the development and promotion of better products and services to satisfy Customers. The term "personal information" shall have the same meaning as "personal data" prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Act AD 2019 ("PDPA") which includes names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers, identity card numbers and other information that can identify Customers. The terms "use" and "process" shall have the same meaning as "processing" prescribed in PDPA which means, among others, collect, record, hold, reveal and etc. Kao Thailand recognizes that properly managing and protecting personal information is an important responsibility, and is necessary for preserving the trust of Customers who provide their personal information to us. To fulfil this responsibility, Kao Thailand complies with all laws and regulations concerning protection of personal information ("Personal Information Protection Laws"), and work to properly manage and protect personal information in accordance with this Policy.

1. Use of Personal Information

Kao Thailand will use Customers' personal information only for the purposes disclosed to Customers at the time such information is collected and for the purposes as stated in this Policy (the "Scope of Use"), and will not use the information for any other purpose unless consent of Customers has been obtained or where it is permitted or required by law.

Subject to the relevant laws, Kao Thailand may use Customers' personal information for the following purposes:-

  • (a) development and promotion of better products and services to satisfy Customers;
  • (b) to enable it to discharge its duties and obligations under any applicable laws, including anti-money laundering laws and regulations;
  • (c) to enable it to discharge its contractual obligations;
  • (d) to provide Customers with information on Kao Thailand's products and services;
  • (e) to maintain and update Customers' records; and
  • (f) for any other purposes that is incidental or ancillary or in furtherance to the above purposes.

Customers' personal information may be transferred to a place outside Thailand.

Customers' personal information is collected from various sources, including information provided by Customers or someone acting on Customers' behalf, information from third parties or information in the public domain.

Customers are required to provide the personal information as required to be processed by or on behalf of Kao Thailand as described above. If Customers do not agree to provide such personal information to Kao Thailand in accordance with this Policy, Kao Thailand will not be able to comply with any of its contractual obligations owing to Customers and in addition, Kao Thailand will not be able to effectively render its services to Customers, if at all.

2. Proper Management and Protection of Personal Information

Kao Thailand has implemented the following measures to properly manage and protect Customers' personal information:

  • Establishment of an organization to promote and ensure protection of all personal information held by Kao Thailand as a whole, and appointment of personal information controllers in each Kao Group Company and each division that handles personal information;
  • Establishment of internal company rules based on Personal Information Protection Laws and guidelines issued by the relevant authority concerning the handling of personal information;
  • Education of employees and others concerned to ensure that they understand the importance of personal information protection and are thoroughly familiar with all relevant rules and guidelines;
  • Establishment of a personal information management register and enforcement of appropriate restrictions on access to personal information; and
  • Implementation of appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or leakage, destruction or alteration of, personal information.

3. Provision and Disclosure to Third Parties

Kao Thailand will not provide or disclose Customers' personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

  • Prior consent has been obtained from the Customer whose personal information is to be disclosed;
  • Disclosure is required or permitted by law or by the order of a court;
  • The information is provided or disclosed to a service provider (including its officers, employees and agents) in compliance with the Scope of Use (please see Article 4 below);
  • In cases of shared use among an affiliate; and
  • The personal information is provided in connection with business succession due to merger, spin-off or otherwise.

Notwithstanding the above and subject to relevant laws, Kao Thailand may disclose Customers' personal information to:-

  • (a) the subsidiaries, holding companies, related corporations or associates of Kao Thailand whether present or future;
  • (b) Thailand governmental or regulatory authorities or the relevant foreign governmental or regulatory authorities;
  • (c) Bank of Thailand and any other authority as may be required by any of them from time to time; and / or
  • (d) any other persons which Kao Thailand may think fit;

notwithstanding that any such persons may be outside Thailand, for any of the above purposes or any other purpose for which Customers' personal information was disclosed at the time of its collection.

4. Control of Service Providers

Kao Thailand occasionally consigns the handling of personal information to outside service providers. Only service providers who have been confirmed to have the capability of properly handling personal information will be selected. Moreover, Kao Thailand provides and discloses Customers' personal information to such service providers strictly in compliance with the Scope of Use, and requires them, by written contract or similar means, to properly handle personal information, and periodically verify their compliance.

5. Response to Confirmation, Revision and Other Requests Concerning Personal Information

When a Customer requests confirmation, revision (correction, addition or deletion), cessation of use or removal of his/her personal information, Kao Thailand will, upon verifying such Customer's identity, comply with the request, unless there is a reasonable basis to refuse.

Customers may contact us in writing at the following :-

Contact: Data Protection Officer
Mailing address: Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kao Commercial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
15th Floor, Wave Place Bldg.,
55 Wireless Road, Lumpini
Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330
Telephone No.: 02-655-4455 Ext 461
Fax No.: 02-655-4545
E-mail address:

Customers may withdraw their consent to us collecting their personal information at any time as stated above. In the event the withdrawal is complied with, Kao Thailand will not be able to comply with any of its contractual obligations owing to Customers and in addition, Kao Thailand will not be able to effectively render its services to Customers, if at all.

6. Response to Comments and Complaints Concerning Handling of Personal Information

We will make every effort to deal with any comment or complaint concerning our use of Customers' personal information in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Customers may contact us in writing at the contact details provided in Article 5 above.

7. Cookies

Kao Thailand uses cookies on its web pages to improve its website, including enhancing information and services provided and making its website easier to use, and, on some web pages, to authenticate membership for login, customize the service contents or distribute advertising based on browsing history. A cookie is an electronic file that is transmitted from a particular web page to a browser viewing that page, which can be retrieved later to distinguish a user's computer.

Customers can disable or delete cookies in their browser settings. However, this makes certain services, including services requiring login, unavailable to Customers.

8. Consent

By providing their personal information to us, Customers thereby consent to the processing of their personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Customers further thereby confirm that they have obtained the consent from the person(s) whose personal information may be given to us by Customers or identified from the Customers' personal information which may be processed by us for the purposes stated herein including disclosure to the parties stated herein in this Policy.

9. Review and Improvement of Personal Information Handling

This Policy may be revised from time to time as necessary to reflect our continuing improvement of personal information protection and take into account any changes to Personal Information Protection Laws. Accordingly, this Policy is subject to change without prior notice. Any changes to this Policy will be posted on our web site and, unless Customers contact us in writing (contact details provided in Article 5 above), Customers will be deemed to have accepted the changes. Thus, Customers are encouraged to visit our web site from time to time to ensure that they are aware of our latest policy in relation to personal information protection.

This Policy is issued in both English and Thai. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and the Thai version, this English version shall prevail.

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