Skin Lotion

Curél Intensive Moisture Care Deep Moisture Spray

Dry and itchy skin tends to lack Ceramide, an essential component in our skin that protects skin from sensitivity and dryness.

World's first Micro-Ceramide Care in a Spray: For moisturized and soft skin in 1 Spray
- Curél Intensive Moisture Care Deep Moisture Spray delivers intense moisture quickly for dry and sensiive skin with moisturizing Micro-Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus Extract.

Clinically proven to improve skin moisture and barrier, with
2x Faster Penetration*
- In one spray, tiny refined micro- Ceramide particles penetrate deeply into the skin to effectively improve skin moisture level and skin barrier function in 4 weeks. (*vs existing technology)

Hypoallergenic Formula for Sensitive Skin
・Dermatologically tested ・No Added Alcohol ・No Added Fragrance ・No Added Colorant ・pH balanced ・Patch tested on dry, sensitive skin

Quick and Easy Application for Face and Body Care
-Spray format is designed for quick and easy app

Skin Lotion


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