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Ultimate 3-in-1 Protection with New Attack Hygiene Guard Laundry Detergent!


Singapore, September 2022 – Destroy various threats and safeguard the health and safety of your family with Attack's latest launch, Hygiene Guard! Formulated in Japan with advanced R&D, Hygiene Guard is an ultimate 3-in-1 superior laundry detergent that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes with one easy wash!

Destroy Threat 1: Tough Stains & Invisible Stains

Attack Hygiene Guard effectively penetrates fabric fibres to thoroughly remove tough and invisible stains as well as odour.

Destroy Threat 2: Kills 99.9% Viruses*1 and Bacteria*2

Attack Hygiene Guard's unique anti-virus and bacterial formulation can kill up to 99.9% viruses*1 (including COVID-19) and bacteria*2 . There is no need for extra steps to kill germs such as adding laundry sanitiser or using hot water, streamlining your laundry process, keeping it hassle-free!

Destroy Threat 3: Prevents Bacteria Growth*2 for up to 18 hrs

It deters bacteria growth*2 for up to 18 hours after wash, continuing to protect your loved ones!

  • * 1 Viruses includes SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A virus (H3N2)
  • * 2 Bacteria includes Staphylococcus aureus for Deodorizing, Moraxella osloensis for Deodorizing and Anti-Mite Dust

Suitable for indoor drying and all washers, Attack Hygiene Guard is available in two variants to cater to your different needs:

The Attack Hygiene Guard – Deodorizing

The Deodorizing variant has an anti-odour formulation that not only helps to removes odour but also prevents odour from wash to wear.



The Attack Hygiene GuardAnti-Mite Dust

The Anti-Mite Dust variant has the ability to penetrate deep into fabric fibres to destroy mite dusts and allergens, while forming a protective layer which deters the growth of PM2.5 pollutants on your clothings.



Price & Availability


Attack Hygiene Guard range comes in Deodorizing Liquid Bottle and Anti-Mite Dust Liquid Bottle 2.4kg (Normal RSP $12.90), eco-friendly Deodorizing Liquid Refill and Anti-Mite Dust Refill in 1.5kg (Normal RSP $7.45), and a Powder format in 1.5kg (Normal RSP $8.95). They are exclusively available at selected outlets of NTUC FairPrice and online retailers including Redmart, Kao Official Store on Lazada and Shopee.

About Kao Laundry

Attack is a leading laundry detergent brand in Japan since 1995. Together with Kao Bleach and Flair Fabric Conditioner, Kao Laundry brings you effective laundry essentials you require!

Research and development are done in Japan to continuously introduce newly improved and technologically advanced products into the Kao Laundry range, which makes doing laundry fast, simple, and effective.

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Ms. Patrine Ng
Brand Executive
Kao Singapore Private Limited

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