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Curél launches new Whitening Moisture Care Series
for Bright and Radiant Skin

Curél's new whitening skincare range for dry and sensitive skin helps in 1) gentle brightening of dark spots and freckles, 2) suppressing melanin production, and 3) improving skin moisture level for clear and radiant skin.


Singapore, Aug 2019 – While small doses of ultraviolet (UV) radiation are required for healthy production of Vitamin D, our skin can burn just from a short 15 minutes of being exposed in the sun. Based on the UV Index1 , Singapore has high UV levels all year round, making sun protection an essential item to have. However, for those of us who do not use enough sun protection, exposure to high levels of UV radiation over a prolonged period may result in skin damage such as wrinkles and pigmentation to develop over time.

Based on a survey by Kao2 , dark spots and freckles are top concerns among Chinese females in their 30s to 50s. This formation of dark spots is caused by the over-production of melanin (a pigment found in the skin layer which darkens the skin) when exposed to UV rays, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation.

However, Kao3 also found that women with sensitive skin are also concerned with their skin's reaction to skincare products. Those with dry and sensitive skin are more reluctant in using whitening skincare products due to the perceived harshness and the potential adverse effects on the skin. The use of harsh whitening ingredients such as Hydroquinone, may result in increased itchiness, redness and skin sensitivity. This introduces a need for a mild yet effective ingredient that prevents skin irritation while effectively lightening dark spots and freckles.

Targeting these worries, Curél, Japan's No. 1 brand for sensitive skin, has launched a new Whitening Moisture Care Series developed for dry and sensitive skin, to brighten and prevent dark spots and freckles in 3 simple steps. With a comprehensive range of products – Whitening Moisture Lotion, Whitening Moisture Essence, Whitening Moisture Face Milk and Whitening Moisture Cream, Curél Whitening Moisture Care Series is formulated with the brightening power of Chamomile ET4 , a plant-derived active whitening ingredient, to effectively prevent dark spots and freckles.


From left to right:Curél Whitening Lotion II, Curél Whitening Essence, Curél Whitening Milk, Curél Whitening Cream

Kao's superior whitening technology, Chamomile ET, is able to suppress formation of dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays. This active whitening ingredient efficiently targets the source of melanin production by stopping its formation, i.e. inhibiting the skin's signal transmission when skin is exposed to UV rays. When used together with Curél Whitening Moisture Lotion II (which contains Ascorbic Glucoside to lighten existing dark spots), women will be able to brighten existing dark spots and freckles and prevent further hyperpigmentation on the skin surface.

On top of hyperpigmentation concerns, another Kao survey5 showed that women with dry and sensitive skin are more concerned with roughness and dull-looking skin. Based on Kao research, skin's radiance is affected by its moisture level. To target this, Curél Whitening Moisture Care series is formulated with its proprietary Ceramide Care technology6 to boost the concentration of moisture in skin. Through replenishing Ceramide, skin's natural moisturizing ingredient, skin looks smooth, moisturized and radiant.

Visible improvement seen in 12 weeks:


Clinically-tested on sensitive skin, allergy-tested, patch-tested, hypoallergenic, with no added fragrance, colorant and alcohol, the Curél Whitening Moisture Care Series is gentle on skin.

Price and Availability (Only at Watsons)

Curél Whitening Moisture Care Series is available at Watsons from Aug 2019.

The products are priced at:

- Curél Whitening Moisture Lotion: $32.80 (140ml)
- Curél Whitening Moisture Essence: $49.80 (30g)
- Curél Whitening Moisture Milk: $34.80 (110ml)
- Curél Whitening Moisture Cream: $39.80 (40g)
- Curél Whitening Moisture Mini Set II (Lotion and Milk): $18.80 (30ml each)

Product Factsheet


Step 1: Curél Whitening Moisture Lotion II

The Curél Whitening Moisture Lotion II contains active whitening ingredient that helps to brighten skin and prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles.

The Whitening Lotion spreads easily across the skin and keeps skin feeling comfortable and moisturised.

Formulated with:
• Active whitening ingredient L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside that is clinically proven to be effective in brightening dark spots and freckles.
• Moisturising Eucalyptus Globulus extract


Step 2: Curél Whitening Moisture Essence

The Curél Whitening Moisture Essence is formulated with Chamomile ET extracted from Chamomile flowers to aid in suppressing the formation of dark spots at its source.

The Whitening Essence penetrates deeply to reach areas of pigmentation concerns.

Formulated with:
• Active whitening ingredient Chamomile ET (High Penetration formula)
• Moisturising Eucalyptus Globulus extract


(Curél Whitening Moisture Face Milk)


(Curél Whitening Moisture Cream)

Step 3: Curél Whitening Moisture Face Milk and Curél Whitening Moisture Cream

The Curél Whitening Moisture Face Milk and Cream can be used interchangeably, depending on your skin type. These products also contain moisturizing ceramide care to keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

The Whitening Moisture Face Milk spreads easily across skin with no sticky feeling, leaving skin hydrated, smooth and supple after application.
Those with drier skin can opt for the Whitening Moisture Cream, which provides intense moisture, with an airy light after-feel.

Formulated with:
• Active whitening ingredient Chamomile ET
• Moisturising Eucalyptus Globulus extract
• Ceramide-functioning ingredient

For media enquiries, please contact:

Cristine Xu Ruyan
Brand Executive

1 An international standard index to measure ultraviolet radiation levels in an area
2 Kao Benchmark Survey, 2017 with 248 female participants aged between 20 to 49, in Singapore
3 Kao Benchmark Survey, 2016 and 2017 with 245 and 248 female participants aged between 20 to 49 respectively, in Singapore
4 The Curél Whitening Moisture Essence, Milk and Cream contain Chamomile ET, extracted from Chamomile flowers
5 Based on Kao consumer research done in Oct 2008 in Japan, for 100 women between the age of 16-49
6 The Curél Whitening Moisture Milk and Cream contain Ceramide Care technology

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