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Magiclean unveils the first ever Botanical range fabric fresheners in Singapore

SINGAPORE, JULY 2019 – Magiclean released the Botanical range of Fabric Fresheners, in line with the increasing demand for natural products, specially designed for convenience-seeking consumers. It is the perfect solution for cleaning hard-to-wash fabric items like cushions and carpets and freshening clothes that have been sitting in the closet for a little too long.

With naturally derived Botanical essence, Magiclean Fabric Freshener is the excellent choice to tackle odour and kills 99% bacteria on items that one spends a lot of time in close contact with. Musty smell, cooking smell, or even cigarette smell can be eliminated in just a few sprays, but yet, it is gentle enough to be used regularly on baby items like soft-toys and strollers.

Made in Japan with natural scents, this new line acts as deodorisers that neutralise unpleasant scent without the use of harsh chemicals. A combination of its strong penetrative power in the formulation and unique trigger technology, Magiclean Fabric Freshener reaches into the deep layers of fabrics fibres, maintaining the hygiene of these items inside-out.

According to GlobalData's Q1 2017 consumer survey, global consumers are especially bullish about their preference for ingredients like natural and plant-based ingredients, in order to create a more sustainable and less harmful environment from harsh chemicals*. Supporting it are sales figures from supermarket companies – NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage, both saw steady double-digit growth in organic products in the year 2015 when compared with the previous^.

This new line of Botanical range fabric freshener is definitely an efficient solution for hard-to-wash fabric. It is now available at all leading hyper / supermarkets and online retailers, retailing at $3.95 for the month of July 2019 (u.p. 4.95).


About Magiclean: Magiclean is a leading household brand trusted by homemakers in Singapore and across the region. It is well known for providing total and effective home cleaning solutions – creating cleaner, healthier environments to work, play and live in.

Research and development is done in Japan to continuously introduce newly improved and technologically advanced products into the Magiclean range, making cleaning fast, simple and effective for everyone, every time.

* GlobalData, 10 FMCG trends to watch out for in 2018, 19 Feb 2018
^ The Straits Times, Neighbourhood supermarkets are going big with organic products to meet growing demand, 15 Feb 2016

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