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The Power to Endure

NEW Bioré UV Athlizm, formulated with unique Tough Boost technology to provide "heavyweight" UV protection outdoors


May 2019, Singapore – With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it is important for Singaporeans to choose a long-lasting, high-performance sunscreen that offers sufficient protection for their skin. This is especially so for outdoor sports enthusiasts and active individuals who spend much time under the unforgiving sun!

In Bioré’s first foray into the sports sunscreen market comes the new Bioré UV Athlizm range which perfectly encapsulates everything the modern, active woman needs – long lasting, waterproof UV protection that is also highly sweat and friction-resistant. Perfect for use on both face and body, the Bioré UV Athlizm range is the go-to sunscreen for those looking for a one-stop high-performance product that does not come off easily and provides the highest UV protection ratings – SPF50+ and PA++++ – it has been tested to keep its UV coating layer even under high temperature (40°C) and humidity of up to 75%.

The new Bioré UV Athlizm is the ultimate, all-rounder sunscreen range, especially for women who enjoy the outdoors or participating in outdoor sports. It is also good for daily use as it doubles up as a makeup base.

Formulated with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract, the Bioré UV Athlizm sunscreens are moisturising and have a lightweight texture that spreads easily. They also boast a velvety smooth texture which naturally adheres to the skin without any trace of stickiness, while functioning as a protective "outer skin".

The Bioré UV Athlizm range comprises of two high-performing variations – the Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence and the Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk – both suitable for use on the face and body. The Bioré UV Athlizm range makes the perfect sports addition to Bioré’s current range of sunscreens, which includes the popular Bioré UV Aqua Rich range for daily wear.

Unique Tough Boost technology

There is no such thing as too much sunscreen, especially when up to 50% of the applied sunscreen can be easily removed through friction (such as a simple wipe of your face with a piece of tissue) and even more sunscreen is removed when sweat gets thrown into the equation. Formulated with proprietary Tough Boost technology that uses friction-resistant lasting polymers, the new Bioré UV Athlizm sunscreens perform under high temperature and humidity and stay longer on the skin, providing your skin with a layer of protection that is lightweight yet tough against UV rays.

A survey conducted by Bioré in Japan found that the Bioré UV Athlizm Milk was highly rated by 87% of users, while 72% of users loved the Bioré UV Athlizm Essence – the top-rated benefits include the products’ moisturising properties, high level of UV protection, how light it feels and the non-sticky feeling it leaves on the skin after application.

Product information


Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence
This long-lasting, water-based sunscreen has a smooth texture which glides easily over the skin for easy application, without leaving a sticky after-feel.


Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk
A light-weight, oil-based sunscreen that has a light and silky texture which allows for hassle-free application, and thorough protection throughout the day.

Price and availability

The Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence and Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk are available at selected Watsons and Guardian, Don Don Donki and Welcia BHG outlets from May 2019, and will retail at $24.90 each.


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Chua Huimin
Brand Manager

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