Measures to Contribute to Society

Welcome to My Modern Parenthood” (WTMMP) - The first parenting campaign in Malaysia.

Since 2015, Malaysia economy and lifestyle has changes drastically, with rising condominiums developments, Female Labour Participation Rate (FLPR) reaching 59% by 2020 & higher birth-rate indices rise of double-income families becomes a challenge for working parents maintaining balance between career & home.

To help new parenthood juggling between housework and the baby and for families to create more happy moments & bonding time, Kao Malaysia initiated a first parenting campaign in Malaysia in 2016 - “Welcome to My Modern Parenthood” (WTMMP) by promoting new concept of fun, quick, easy manageable ways combining three ideal hallmark brand, MERRIES, MAGICLEAN & ATTACK. It was the campaign’s goal to promote the fun idea that two is better than one -including dads in household chores that, since time beginning, were only associated with mothers.

Fast forward to Year 2018, KAO Malaysia took the pledge to challenge the campaign to the next level - to be listed in Malaysia Book of Records.

This year in YR2019, we are proud to announce the award winning title of “Most Number of Free Validated Parenting Guidebook Distribution in a Year” an added credibility wholly to the campaign essence. As continuous efforts to enrich the lives of millennial parents, a new edition of the campaign with a digital twist to Parenting 101 is introduced- accessible anytime anywhere leading a confident parenthood lifestyle with convenience and efficiency.


<from left Sales VP of Kao Malaysia -Mr.Ngo Wei Foo , representative from Malaysia Book of Record , President of Kao Malaysia - Mr.Fujiwara-Masaki , Marketing VP of Kao Malaysia Ms.Tan Poh Ling>


<Kao Management Team together with Malaysia celebrity’s friends & KOL’s families>

For future, KAO is always looking for new opportunities and flexible to adapt with current change of technology based on local insights. The “KAO Way” is the foundation of KAO Group business activities through Yoki Monozukuri from the consumer / customer’s perspective:

  1. KAO strives to develop innovative products and brands to maximize consumer’s satisfaction.
  2. KAO always opt to reach out to our potential new target using new touchpoints.
  3. KAO is open for collaboration of brand, product, services or platforms targeting to new parents.

25th Year Anniversary of Laurier school sampling and education



In Year 1994, Laurier school programme started its journey with the goal to educate young girls on menstruation. The educational talk covered many intimate topics such as female hygiene and process of menstruation since a young age. The first school started in a small town called Gombak, located 20km outside the city centre. Over there, Laurier school programme reached out to young girls aging 9 years to 12 years old.

Laurier school programme started receiving positive feedback and good recommendations from local school teachers, and soon the coverage area expanded to other regions outside Malaysia. Starting Year 2000, the programme successfully reached 200 schools across Malaysia and has increased the age group from 12 years to 15 years old. As technology was developing, Laurier school programme started to revolutionised as well - from using chalk boards to show-cards, and now projectors with videos to engage the young audience.

By Year 2014, the school programme hit 700 schools across West Malaysia, educated approximately 350,000 students and covering both national and vernacular schools. In vision for Year 2020, Laurier school programme will kick-start in East Malaysia for the first time, starting with 10 schools around Sarawak district, hoping to educate young girls and providing them comfort and understanding about menstruation.

KAO takes the Journey with Pride Foundation

Date: Sep 2012

YBhg Datin Azrene Abdullah, Chairman of PRIDE Foundation, said, “We are privileged to have KAO Malaysia journey with us as we embark to create awareness about breast cancer and the importance of conducting breast examinations at an early stage to the poor and rural community.

To signify the collaboration between KAO Malaysia and PRIDE Foundation, a cheque presentation ceremony was held. Mr. Yoshihiro Murakami, CEO/President of KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. presented the cheque to YBhg Datin Azrene Abdullah, Chairman of PRIDE Foundation.

The initiative underlines KAO’s commitment towards creating awareness on breast cancer as this is the second collaboration with PRIDE Foundation. It is also in tandem with KAO’s corporate philosophy to support the community where it operates in.


Jog for Hope 2012 Sponsorship

Date: July 2012

Kao contributes to Taylor's College Charity Run in Jul 2012 in support of their program SPICES (Support for Parents, Infants and Children through Early Services)


Donation to HOPE Welfare Home

Date: February 2011

Kao Malaysia continues its CSR program by contributing Kao products to HOPE welfare home for the old and abandoned children. This is the 2nd year that Kao has participated in the event to assist in enriching the life of the needy folks and children.


Think Pink, Love Life Campaign

Date: 24 November 2010

Kao Malaysia's corporate social responsibility effort, in partnership with the PRIDE Foundation, a charitable organization whose primary cause is to create greater public awareness with regards to breast cancer, its prevention and early detection, as well as improving the care and treatment accessibility for all levels of society.

  • Speech by PRIDE chairlady Datin Azrene Abdullah
  • Demonstration on breast self-examination by Dr. Azlina Firzah
  • Sharing session by breast cancer survivor, Ms Ranbir Kaur



Cheque presentation by Mr. Taki, the CEO of Kao Malaysia to PRIDE Foundation Chairlady, Datin Azrene Abdullah during the official function held on the 24th of November 2010.

Donation For Abandoned Children/Welfare Home

Date: 2008

Kao Malaysia contributes Kao products to welfare homes for the old and abandoned children.


Donation For Tsunami Victims

Date: 2005

The Indian Ocean earthquake that occurred on 26th December 2004 off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history that killed more than 225,000 people in eleven countries.
In January 2005, Kao Malaysia employees donated money to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Relief Fund in aid of relief for the earthquake and tsunami victims. The company had also contributed based on a Malaysian Ringgit to Ringgit basis for every Ringgit contributed by the employees.

In addition to the above, Kao Malaysia also donated Laurier sanitary napkins and Kao soap to BAKTI (Association of Wife of Ministers and Deputy Ministers).


Appreciation letter from the Malaysian Red Crescent Society


Appreciation letter from BAKTI 
(Association of Wife of Ministers and Deputy Ministers)


Date: 1997

Kao Malaysia Head Office employees spent one weekend in 1997 to clean up a river known as Sungai Penchala, which was, located approximately 3km away from its central head office in Petaling Jaya. The said river runs through a village where the villagers use the river as a dumping ground. A total of about 100 employees took part in this activity. This project was conducted in collaboration with World Wide Fund (WWF).

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