Laurier Super Ultra Slim

Laurier Super Ultra Slim Sakura 30cm 8pcs

Ultimate Absorption Power in 0.1 cm.. Thinness. Dry-Comfort Sakura Scent, Worried-free of bad odor immediately.

Worried-free of bad odor immediately and Feel Dry-Comfort, No Stuffiness
with Double Fresh Powers.
- Absorb & Lock up bad odor with 0.1 cm. Wonder Gel Plus Absorbent sheet; and absorb menstruation much up to 200 times
- Together with Sakura Fresh Scent which protect you from Unpleasant Smells
You could feel comfortably dry & fresh as if changing new pad all day
Give you confidence in all activities & Worried-free of bad odor.
No Bunching, Fit-to-body, No back flow,
Soft & Gentle to skin.

Laurier Super Ultra Slim

8 pieces

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