Laurier Super Ultra Slim

Laurier Super Ultra Slim 35 cm.

Ultimate Absorption Power in 0.1 cm.. Thinness. Dry-Comfort with fully confident as if not wearing

Sleep Comfortably without Worried;
More confident that No leakage even Frequently tossing and turning.
No leakage at any tossing and turning. Ultimate Absorption Power in 0.1 cm.. Thinness.
Comfortably Thin; and Fully Confident as if not wearing.
- Absorb Much up to 200 times** in 0.1 cm. Ultra Thin Wonder Gel Plus sheet packed with absorbent gel all over the sheet specially invented by Laurier***
- Speedy Absorption and Comfortably dry even when there is blood clot with Power Square Surface.
- Not easily bunching; Fit-to-body in every movement
No backflow; No Stuffiness; Soft & Gentle to Skin.

Laurier Super Ultra Slim

8 pieces

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