Moisture Face Care

Curel INTENSIVE MOISUTRE CARE Moisture Repair Sheet Mask

Special night care item for soft, plump and fully moisturized skin the next morning! The Curel INTENSIVE MOISUTRE CARE Moisture Repair Sheet Mask
is designed for sensitive skin and provides rich intensive moisture treatment to improve extra-dry and rough skin condition.

With 10x* penetration of Ceramide functioning ingredient into stratum corneum, the sheet mask provides long-lasting moisture and strengthens the skin's barrier to improve skin condition in 2 weeks^ .

Features unique sheet mask design to cover and adhere tightly to the entire face without any gaps (even eyelids and gaps around the nose), and is gentle on sensitive skin.

* Compared to the recommended usage amount of Curél Facial Moisture Milk, based on adherence of Ceramide-functioning ingredient tested (N=5).
^ Under test condition with 2 weeks usage for Curél lotion, milk and sheet mask, tested on Japanese women with dry, sensitive skin (N=55).

Moisture Face Care

1 box 4 pc

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