Moisture Face Care

Curel INTENSIVE MOISTURE CARE Makeup Cleansing Gel

Makeup cleansing gel Cleanse completely without cotton pad

Make up Cleansing Gel (Rinse off Type) for Sensitive Skin. Lack of Ceramide is often the cause of sensitive skin. Curel helps your
skin restore and retain. Ceramide, and provides a skin barrier to keep your skin strong & healthy. Reduce irritation from skin chapping.
Easy to spread with soft gel, Remove makeup completely even on lipstick and foundation embedded, without excessive rubbing.
Rinse off by water easily without cotton pads. Not sticky. Helps to improve your skin’s inherit resistant to external stimulus.
Fragrance-Free, Colorant Free, Alcohol Free, pH-balanced and Hypoallergenic. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatologists control.

Moisture Face Care

130 ml.

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