UV Protection

Bore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++ 85ml

World's First Micro Defense TechnologyHighest**, Deep^ and long protection at micro level with amazing light texture which is able to re-apply on makeup.Allergy and non-comedogenic tested

- Very High Level UVB/UVA Protection: Highest** and deep^ UV protection by covering skin evenly with
innovative Micro UV-CUT capsules protect skin burning from UVB with SPF50+ and skin-aging and collagen damaging
from UVA with PA++++
- Very Water Resistance: Long lasting protection with water and perspiration resistance
- Watery Hydrate Essence: Amazing light texture, non greasy and re-apply on makeup.
- Skin moist with Water Capsule, Hyaluronic acid and Royal Jelly Extract
Skin Tested: Allergy and non-comedogenic tested
*First time of Biore
**The highest level of UV Protection at SPF50+ PA++++
^Outer skin

UV Protection

85 grams

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