Baby Diapers

Merries Pants Diaper XX-Large 26s

Awarded ‘Good Design Award’ in Japan for an amazingly comfortable fit.

• Airy channels around waist efficiently releases heat and stuffiness, providing dry comfort for active babies
• All-round breathable sheet with micro airy channels for maximum dryness and comfort all day long
• Superb absorbency for instant lock-in of pee and long-lasting dryness
• The polymers in Merries diapers can absorb up to 200 - 300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight, allowing you to have a peace of mind through the night
• Soft waist gathers stretches up to 2.5x for ease of wear
• Diaper fits snugly and comfortably around baby's waist without slipping down or cutting into baby's skin
• Soft leg gathers around the thighs provide a comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement without leaving red rubber marks
• Up to 18 different backsheet designs to encourage parent-child communication, diaper changing can become a fun activity!

Baby Diapers


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