Baby Diapers

Merries Tape Diaper Small 82s

With more than 31 years of R&D and baby skin research conducted with dermatologists and pediatricians, Merries diapers are made even more gentler on your baby's delicate skin.

• Superb absorbency for instant lock-in of pee and long-lasting dryness
• The polymers in Merries diapers can absorb up to 200 - 300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight, allowing you to have a peace of mind through the night
• Unique 3 layer air-through system to expel moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper
• All-round breathability for long-lasting dryness and comfort
• Specially designed with 2 different convex shapes on the diaper surface to quickly absorb in pee and poo
• Airy wavy surface reduces the skin contact area so that it does not stick to baby's skin
• Soft air-in cushion has 3x more air volume than previous for even softer and gentler surface for your baby's delicate skin

Baby Diapers


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