Laurier Super Slimguard Cool Night 30cm

Laurier Super Slimguard Cool's innovative cooling sheet provides quick yet long-lasting cooling sensation* and prevents odour.

Developed with advanced Slit-Core Technology from Japan with only 0.1cm thin yet 200x ultra-absorbent, the NEW Super Slimguard is also:
1. +20% Drier*2: Innovative Ultra Dry Mesh Surface RAPIDLY ABSORBS and LOCKS IN fluid
2. +15% Smoother*2: Interwoven with more delicate fibres, the cottony soft surface provides you with the smoothest and comfortable wear all night long

With Laurier, you can now push forth and go with the flow of anything that life throws at you, comfortably and confidently!

30cm with wide hip cover for full protection to prevent back leakages, for normal to heavy night use.

* Please do not use this if you are sensitive to cool stimulus since this product contains menthol
*2 Comparison with our company's previous range



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