UV Protection

Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Spray 90g

Bioré UV Athlizm range perfectly encapsulates everything the modern, active woman needs – long lasting, waterproof UV protection that is also highly sweat, water and friction-resistant. It provides the highest UV protection & has been tested to keep its UV coating layer under high temperature (40℃) and humidity of up to 75%.
Formulated with Unique Outer Skin & Tough Boost Tech, it is the ultimate all-rounder sunscreen range by providing a layer of protection that is lightweight yet tough against UV rays. Upon application, it spreads easily & boast a velvety smooth texture which naturally adheres to the skin without any trace of stickiness, while functioning as a protective "outer skin".

•Spray type with non-sticky texture & could sufficiently cover both Face & Body
•Leaves skin feeling smooth with no stickiness
•Very water-resistant formula - water resistant for 80 minutes
•Suitable for use as a makeup base
•Non-comedogenic tested
•Can be removed with soap
•Spray can be used upside down & suitable for hard-to-reach areas like feet or back

UV Protection


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