Sanitary pads

ロリエ しあわせ素肌 消臭プラス 夜用30cm 羽つき 9個

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From our ロリエ brand with instant absorption. Gentle fit for sensitive skin during menstruation. ● With soft waffle sheet designed to minimize irritation (same as the fluffy and bumpy surface sheet in existing products). Proprietary design with a large dome that gently touches skin while the small dome lets air through. Makes minimal contact with skin (among ロリエ brand sanitary pads) and reduces irritation due to chafing. ● Draws in each heavy flow that comes all at once, not leaving moisture on the surface, and keeps skin dry for long hours. ● Made with 100% breathable materials (excluding adhesive strip). Thoroughly absorbs flow while releasing stuffiness to keep you comfortable. ● Activated carbon deodorant sheet (deodorizing material) thoroughly deodorizes odors from menstruation (Quasi-drug). No more worrying about odor when replacing or after disposing. ● Specially designed to be fluffy and soft ● Contains about 6 times more highly absorbent polymer to last throughout the night (Compared with “ロリエ肌きれいガード多い夜用羽つき”) (Quasi-drug)

Sanitary pads


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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions

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How to use

Replace with a new pad as necessary during menstruation.


Consult a physician if product causes discomfort to your skin.
Use the individual wrap for packaging and dispose of after use.
Do not flush the product down the toilet.
Dispose of pads in designated trash boxes after use.

Storage precautions
Store product in sanitary conditions after opening so that dust and bugs won't enter.

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ロリエ しあわせ素肌 消臭プラス 夜用30cm 羽つき 9個

ロリエ しあわせ素肌 消臭プラス 夜用30cm 羽つき 9個
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