Makeup remover

ビオレ ふくだけコットン うるおいリッチ うるっとモイスト [携帯用]

Makeup remover wipes containing oil*1 that smoothly and effortlessly remove makeup, even waterproof mascara! A sheet-type makeup remover. Leaves skin moisturized after wiping.
Wipes enriched with serum ingredients*2 .
No need to wash face after wiping off makeup. You can proceed with your usual skincare procedure, using a lotion or other products.
● Gentle white floral scent
● Raises and removes makeup that entered into wrinkles
● Gentle texture through use of natural cotton
*1 Isododecane (makeup removing ingredient)
*2 Hyaluronic acid Na, BG (moisturizing ingredient)

[Makeup remover/wipe format]

Makeup remover

10 sheet pack (35 ml)

● This product is non-hazardous material category by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

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