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  News & Events
  Apr, 2015 Entries Now Open for the Sixth Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
  Nov, 2014 Kao Announces Winners of the Fifth Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
  Mar, 2014 Merries Tape Type in M and L by Popular Demand
  Mar, 2014 Entries Now Open for the Fifth Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
  Nov, 2013 Kao Announces Winners of the 4th Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
  Nov, 2013 Pledge to Create Awareness on Breast Cancer
  Aug, 2013 The NEW Attack Concentrated Powder Detergent with Softener for clean, soft clothes with refreshing Floral Romance fragrance
  Aug, 2013 Celebrate Japan’s No.1 Baby Diapers with Malaysian Mums
  Jun, 2013 Empowering Students with Knowledge and Creativity
  Apr, 2013 New Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series
  Apr, 2013 Entries Now Accepted for the 4th Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
  Apr, 2013 Protect your beauty from the sun everyday with New Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery BB and Bioré UV Bright Face Milk
  Apr, 2013 Daily Gentle Scrub is now possible with Bioré Facial Foam!
  Mar, 2013 Pantyliner Range For Every Mood – Specially Perfected with Fragrance
  Mar, 2013 NEW Attack Concentrated Powder Detergent PLUS Softener for clean, soft and fragrant clothes in just 1 easy step!
  Jan, 2013 Thank you for making Laurier Number 1 in the Ultra Slim market
  Dec, 2012 Giving comfort and security to women during their period
  Oct, 2012 Students at KAB, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Empowered on breast cancer
  Oct, 2012 NEW Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner & Magiclean Toilet Bleach
  Sep, 2012 KAO takes the Journey with Pride Foundation
  Sep, 2012 NEW Attack Enzyme Power & Attack Colour Ultra for cleaner and brighter clothes with just 1 spoonful.
  July, 2012 Liese 4-Steps to a Radiant Crown of Glory.
  July, 2012 Magiclean Wiper: Dual-usage innovative tool transforms the way you clean.
  June, 2012 KAO Launches New ASIENCE – Fundamental Hair Beautifying Care.
  May, 2012 Men’s Biore Instant Foaming Facial Wash. Get Ahead with SPEED GROOMING!
  Apr 12, 2012 Kao Laurier Empowers You
  Apr, 2012 Kao Laurier offers Perfect Comfort. Your next generation pad.
  Apr, 2012 Protect your beauty from the sun every day with these 2 new Biore UV Aqua Rich products
  Nov 01, 2011 My Most Memorable Moment with Attack Contest Winners
  Nov 01, 2011 Magiclean that cleans like magic, now comes with a fresh NEW look
  Oct 01, 2011 I feel fresh and free with Laurier Super Slim Guard. Celebrate being a Naturally Confident Woman
  Oct 01, 2011 New Identity, New Innovation and New Look Laurier
  Sep 01, 2011 Attack Perfume Liquid Detergents for fresh floral & fruity scents that last from wash to wear
  Sep 01, 2011 Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
  Jul 01, 2011 New Biore Facial Foam Launch
  Jun 01, 2011 Refreshtivate your skin with new Men’s Bioré!
  Mar 01, 2011 Kao Launches Asience Shine Therapy
  Mar 01, 2011 New Biore UV Aqua Rich Launch
  Feb 01, 2011 A Simple Love Affair with Biore’s Makeup Remover
  Nov 24, 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility. Think Pink, Love Life Campaign
  Oct 01, 2010 Mopping made fast and easy with ready-moistened NEW Magiclean Super Moist Wet Sheet
  Sep 16, 2010 Think Pink, Love Life Campaign
  Aug 02, 2010 Attack Super Clean Action with NEW Anti Bacterial formula for real clean, fresh wash
  Aug 02, 2010 Liese Bubble Hair Colour Breakthrough Bubble Technology For Quick And Easy Hair Colouring
  Jun 01, 2010 Liese by KAO - Japan's No.1 Hair Styling Brand
  May 01, 2010 Biore Make Up Removers Launch
  Apr 27, 2010 Liese Presents The Latest in Tokyo Hair Cosmetics
  Apr 15, 2010 Kao Household Contest Winners Announcement
  Apr 01, 2010 Men’s Biore Double Series Launch
  Mar 01, 2010 Awaken The Beauty Within You with The New and Improved ASIENCE
  Oct 01, 2009 New Magiclean Wiper Handy Duster Launch
  Sep 10, 2009 Fun Family Moment Challenge!
  Aug 03, 2009 Men’s Biore Scalp-Care Shampoo Launch
  Jul 15, 2009 Laurier Soft Care Active Comfort Launch
  Jul 01, 2009 New Improved Attack Liquid Detergent Plus Softener!
  Apr 01, 2009 Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Launch
  Mar 25, 2009 ASIENCE Event Media Release
  Mar 25, 2009 ASIENCE Product Release
  Mar 24, 2009 Biore Shower Cream Contest
  Feb 15, 2009 Winners of the Biore Deep Free "Count Deep For Clean Skin Challenge"
  Oct 10, 2008 Kao’s 35th Anniversary Contest
  Oct 06, 2008 Deep Free Facial Series Targets Pores
  Jun 03, 2008 Extra Freshness Everyday
  May 30, 2008 Men’s Biore Helps Keep Skin in its Best Condition
  May 30, 2008 Biore moves up to Facial Fit Expert
  Dec 18, 2006 Comfort Is The Way To Go The Thinnest And Most Comfortable Sanitary Pad Makes Its Way
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