Whitenig Care

Curel WHITENING MOISTURE CARE Whitening Moisture Cream

Facial Cream Reduce dark spot feel brighten skin

Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin. Lack of Ceramide is often the cause of sensitive skin. Curel helps your skin restore and retain.
Ceramide, and provides a skin barrier to keep your skin strong & healthy. Skin look brighten, diminish spots to be more unnoticeable.
And nourish the sensitive skin. Formulated with “Chamomile ET suppress the production of melanin, cause of spots and freckles.
Reduce irritation from skin chapping, Ceramide-functioning ingredient and Extract of eucalyptus penetrate deeply into the skin.
Feel skin soft and flexible from within. Helps to improve your skin’s inherit resistant to external stimulus.
Fragrance-Free, Colorant Free, Alcohol Free and Hypoallergenic. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatologists control.

Whitenig Care

40 grams

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