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Kao Industrial (Thailand) Awarded the JMA Good Factory Awards: Monodzukuri Human Resources Development Contribution Award


Kao Industrial (Thailand), a Kao Corporation subsidiary, was recently awarded the Good Factory Awards 2023 Monodzukuri Human Resources Development Contribution Award by the Japan Management Association (JMA). Kao Corporation attended an award ceremony hosted by the JMA and presented a lecture detailing the factory's activities.


The Good Factory Awards are given to factories in Japan, China and other Asian countries for their efforts to improve productivity and quality, as well as for their activities for innovating their business structure.
It recognizes a wide range of achievements including processes, success factors, on-site ideas, change in employee attitudes and social contributions, to serve as a model for the Japanese manufacturing industry.
The Monodzukuri Human Resources Development Contribution Award is presented on the basis of company-wide efforts to develop human resources for achieving high-quality manufacturing by encouraging all employees to participate in kaizen activities and through measures supporting transmission of skills and development of employees' capabilities.

Why Kao Industrial (Thailand)'s Activities Were Rewarded
Kao Industrial (Thailand) has established its own distinctive system of human resources development and management, which includes training designed to address on-site issues; instruction in the native language (Thai) by local employees; training leading to promotion opportunities; involving all employees in kaizen activities; active communication; and feeling satisfaction on the job. In particular, the company was evaluated positively for human-centered management, efforts to localize (promote initiatives led by local employees) and involvement of all employees in kaizen activities and change in employee attitudes toward work.


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