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The Circular Economy Initiative of Kao Industrial Thailand:
Kao – "WON" Plastic Recycle Bag


Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launched Kao Recycle plastic bag - Bag to Making Life Beautiful, 80% recycled plastic bags to replace paper bags in order to change the people perception about the plastic bag is the environmental pollution. In the other hand, there is the pros of plastic bag characteristic which is durable and long lifetime. Many used plastic types are reusable and recyclable if there is the well waste segregation management for reducing the environmental pollution.


Kao has joined with "WON" a sustainably solving the plastic waste problem project under the "Circular Economy" concept. "Won" in Thai means circular and in English means victory. The project has experienced significant growth and is well known across the country. WON has over 200 plastic waste drop-points nationwide, and there also have the drop-point at Kao HQ in Bangkok in order to promote the waste segregation project and circular economy concept. The collected stretchable plastic will send to recycle factory to produce the resin for producing the plastic bag from recycle material (White LDPE : Recycle 80% + Resin 20%). We also conducted the strength test and will promote this circular economic campaign to our employee and for carrying the products for distribution to customers, visitors, and partners.

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