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Liese Juicy Shower Moisturising Hair Mist

Singapore, 2 October 2008 - Following the successful launch of Liese (pronounced as “li-say”)
Clear Cube Wax and Liese Wave-up Foam in November 2008, Kao Singapore decided
to bring in an extended Liese line of products given the good market reception. With
the new line, Liese will be able to offer Singapore women a complete hairstyling
experience- from pre-styling care to styling products with strong holding power.

Kelvin Wong, V.P Marketing said, “Our successful foray into Singapore last November
has proven that Singaporean women are very receptive to Liese products. Liese is a
brand symbol of style and quality. The contemporary styles and similar hair types of
women in both Japan and Singapore means Liese products are very suitable for our
local women.

“We are selective. We only want to bring in the best of Liese for Singaporean women
as they are discerning,” added Kelvin.
The range to hit the shelves in October 08 was a huge success when it was first
introduced in Japan in Spring 2008. It immediately become the best selling products
in Japan despite competing the a wide array of new products, all launched during the
high season in Spring.

The range of hair care products includes Juicy Shower Moisturising Hair Mist,
 Hair Cocktail Moisturising Hair Serum and Styling Water for Hair Dryer and Hair tong/Iron.
Extensive product and consumer research was put behind the launch of th Liese is
confident that the range will become an integral part of Singaporean woman daily
hair care and styling regime.

“Our products, with its very unique benefits, makes local women realise that there
are aise that there are a lot more things one can do to beautify and pamper their hair,”
added Kelvin.

Japan Top Hairstylist Hiroki Miyamura collaborates with Liese
The collaboration between Liese and top Japanese Hairstylist Hiroki Miyamura further
demonstrates how Liese can enable woman to achieve beautiful hair, all on their own.

Hiroki Miyamura Tokyo’s top celebrity hairstylist and an ardent Liese fan, is a highly
sought-after mane master who sees hundreds of clients monthly at his two high-end
beauty salons (afloat-f” in Omotesando and “Xwl-Ha” in Minami Aoyama). His
creations have appeared in numerous fashion magazines, leaving trend-conscious
readers in awe of his works.

Miyamura believes that Liese products have given manyucts have given manyucts have given many
women a chance to create self-styled hair easi““Many ladies’ hair texture improved after using the hair care range of product and this subsequently allows different styles to be experimented using Liese’s range of Clear Cube Wax and Wave-up Foam. This means that any
woman is able to achieve beautiful hair and hairstyles withhieve beautiful hair and haiLiese range of styling and hair care products, keeping in line with Liese’s tagline of Professional Styles made easy.”

Liese range of Hair Care products include:

Juicy Shower Moisturising Hair Mist


  • Provides a boost of moisture to your hair
  • Contains moisturising raspberry extract that will quench hair’s dryness and smoothens all frizz instantly
  • Allows quick fix of your hair with no fuss or sticky feel
  • Unique Hair Beautifying Technology (HBT) that will improve hair texture over time
  • Scented with refreshing raspberry fragrance that will invigorate the senses
  • Suitable for all hair types and styles
  • Available in 200ml trigger pack and 340ml Refill pack

Hair Cocktail Moisturising Hair Serum

  • Revolutionary technology that combines nourishing water and anti-frizz oil that makes it easy to spread and coats each strand of hair evenly.
  • Contains peach leaf extract and prune extract, nature’s rich source of moisturising agent
  • Can be applied on both dry and damp hair
  • Also available in Light texture
  • 120ml

Styling Water for Hair Dryer

  • Protects Hair from heat of hair dryer
  • Repairs hair, giving hair body and shine while reducing dryness and frizziness caused by heat damage
  • Leaves hair softer and tangle-free
  • Lovely fruity scent
  • 150ml

Styling Water for Hair-tong/Iron

  • Protection from intense and direct heat of hair-tong/Iron
  • Repairs hair, giving hair body and shine while reducing dryness and frizziness caused by heat damage
  • Leaves hair softer and tangle-free
  • Lovely fruity scent
  • 150ml


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