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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Contest Entry Guide

Theme: “Together, we are eco-friendly”
Please think about what people can do to protect our precious global environment.

In your picture, show things we can do in our daily life.

Below are just a few suggestions to help you get started. You could show ways of not wasting water or electricity. Or you could show how, by reusing and recycling products, we can more completely use the materials we get from our planet.

Perhaps you might want to show how using eco-friendly products can help to protect animals and plants in our important natural surroundings.

Picture size: Any child (aged 6 through 15 years old) from anywhere in the world.

Entry specifications
Picture size: Paper should be A3 size (297 mm × 420 mm), although pictures to a maximum size of 392 mm × 542 mm will be accepted.

Medium: Any means of direct drawing, painting, or coloring ‒ crayon, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic or oil paint, ink, wood or linocut printing, etc. ‒ is allowed. However, works (collage) with pasted elements will not be accepted.

Creation: Only one entry per individual is allowed. Only previously unexhibited works created after January 2017 will be accepted.

Important advice: Your entry should show that you fully understood and incorporated the “Together, we are eco-friendly” theme into your work. However, the theme should not be presented as a catchy phrase or slogan but, rather, artfully expressed in your entry. Joint works will not be accepted.

- If the picture contains writing, it must not show the name of a specific person, group, trade name, or company. Similarly, do not show any company, brand, or group logo. Pictures showing such names or logos will be disqualified.

How to enter
1) For each separate work, it is preferable to download an entry form from the Kao website and, using a print or copy, fill out the required information and affix the completed entry form to the centre on the back of the picture.

2)If it is not possible to use such an entry form, you must include the following information, using the Roman alphabet, on the back of the picture.

Artist: full name, age, school year grade and class, contact e-mail address, and phone number if available.
School: name, address (including postal code and country), and phone number.
Picture: title of work. Entrants are also invited to add a few lines (max. 70 words), in English or mother tongue, to describe the picture or to write any other relevant message.

3) Send it in a flat envelope, inserting cardboard or something firm to ensure it does not bend during shipping.

Announcement of Winners and Award Ceremony
Contest prizewinners and schools will be notified in late November 2017. Contest results will also be announced on the Kao website. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight, the venue of EcoPro 2017.

*The place of the award ceremony and the works display may be changed.

*The winning works will be on display at Tokyo Big Sight in the Kao booth at EcoPro 2017.

Mr. Fumikazu Masuda: Judge Chair, Former Professor, Tokyo Zokei University
Ms. Sumiko Okubo: Artist
Mr. Kei Matsushita: Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Ms. Yoko Oyamada: Illustrator
Mr. Andreas Schneider: Designer
Ms. Akemi Ishiwata: Executive Officer, Kao Corporation
Mr. Naoto Katahira: Vice President, Creative, Kao Corporation
*Members at February 2017.

Conditions of Entry
  • Works, their titles, written messages or descriptions, name, age, local area of residence and nationality may be used or published on website, advertisements, images, publications and exhibitions of Kao or organizations designed by Kao. Works, their titles, written messages or descriptions may also be partially modified on these occasions. In addition, if the entry wins a prize, the photographs taken at the award ceremony may be used in the same manner as stated above.
  • You agree not to assert any moral rights regarding your entry.
  • Ownership of works belongs to Kao. Original pictures will not be returned.
  • The permission of a parent or guardian is required for entry.
  • Personal information provided with the entry will be used to contact prizewinners.

Send pictures to
Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
Address: Kao Singapore Private Limited
83 Clemenceau Avenue, #16-08 UE Square Singapore 239920
Tel: (65) 6471-2811
Fax: +65 6471 2566
E-mail: kao.contest@kao.com.sg

Entry Deadline
Entries must be received by midnight
Monday, August 14, 2017

"Eco-together" - Planet Earth Grand Prix: Single award ‒ Plaque, art materials and original goods
“eco together” ‒ Kao Prize : Eight awards ‒ Plaque, art materials and original goods
Eco Friend Prize : Twenty three awards ‒ Certificate, art materials, and stationery
Group Prize : Five groups ‒ Certificate, art materials or stationery

  • Prize goods may be changed without notice
  • Winners of the "eco together" - Planet Earth Grand Prix and the "eco together" - Kao Prize will be invited to attend the award ceremony at Tokyo Big Sight on Saturday, December 9, 2017, where the EcoPro 2017 exhibition is being held. Expenses will be paid from anywhere in the world, for the winners and one guardian each.
  • Eco Friend prizes will be sent to the schools of the winners
  • Group prizes are awarded to elementary and junior-high schools and art classes. Prizes will be sent to the five groups that submit the most entries.
  • In each prize category, the number of awards may increase depending on the number of individual and group entries.
  • If you cannot be contacted with, your painting shall not be judged.