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New Curél Intensive Moisture Balm for Intense Hydration

Singapore, Jan 2019 – To tackle dry and sensitive skin that is in need of long-lasting hydration, the average body moisturiser is not enough. With more time being spent in air-conditioned offices and buildings, our everyday living environment becomes increasingly drier for the skin.

A survey by Kao*1 found that more people in Singapore suffer from dry and irritated skin, yet people are moisturising less throughout the day. This spells the need for a body moisturiser that offers long-lasting moisturisation, and not just temporary relief.

Kao also found that the biggest problem areas for people with dry and sensitive skin are the shin and arms. These areas tend to be low in sebum and as they are seldom protected by clothing, being exposed in air-conditioned environments can make it very dry and itchy. For parts of our body that are covered, like the back and waist, skin can also get dry and itchy when the moisturiser on skin gets rubbed off by clothing and reapplication in the day becomes a hassle.

ceramide in the epidermis (outer layer of skin), which results in weak skin barrier and allows moistuSensitive skin sufferers can experience varying levels of dryness on their skin caused by a lack of re to easily escape. For those afflicted with severely dry skin, Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive skin*2 , presents the new Curél Intensive Moisture Balm for immediate and long-lasting moisturisation for up to eight hours! It is also the most moisturising cream in the Curél Moisture Body Care range.


This new moisturiser combines Curél’s unique Ceramide care technology with a moisture-lasting formula that effectively replenishes ceramide levels in skin, sealing in moisture and improving skin’s resistance to external irritants. The moisture-lasting formula features lamellar technology, which holds the ceramide functioning ingredient in fine layers within water molecules and prevents moisture from evaporating from the cream. This ensures a lasting protective layer and improved water retention for greater hydration efficacy, reducing the need for constant reapplication of moisturiser.

Curél Intensive Moisture Balm has been clinically proven to help those suffering from dry and sensitive skin by prolonging the hydrating effect for up to eight hours. 92% of users who tried Curél Intensive Moisture Balm have seen their skin stay moisturised throughout the day or night, with an improvement in their dry skin condition in just two weeks*3.


From left to right:
Curél Moisture Milk, Curél Moisture Cream, Curél Intensive Moisture Balm, Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion

The Curél Intensive Moisture Balm is the newest edition to the Curél Moisture Body Care Range, which also includes the Instant Foaming Wash as well as a range of body moisturisers – Curél Moisture Milk (dry skin), Moisture Cream (very dry skin) and Moisture Gel-Lotion (for sweat-sensitive skin) – for sensitive skin sufferers with varying degrees of skin dryness.

Dermatologically tested, allergy-tested, patch-tested, hypoallergenic, with no added fragrance, colorant and alcohol, each product in the Curél Moisture Body Care Range contains the brand’s unique Ceramide care formula, to soothe sensitive and dry skin troubles and increase the skin’s natural protective ability. Curél products are also safe for use for babies.

Price and Availability

Curél Moisture Body Care Range is available at Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, as well as selected Watsons, Unity, Nishino pharmacies and FairPrice outlets. Curél products are also available in National Skin Centre and Tan Tock Seng pharmacies. The products are priced at:

- Curél Moisture Milk: $22.80 (220ml)
- Curél Moisture Cream: $28.80 (90g)
- Curél Intensive Moisture Balm: $32.80 (70g)
- Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion: $24.80 (220ml)

For media enquiries, please contact:

Cristine Xu Ruyan
Brand Executive

  • * 1 Kao Skincare Benchmark survey in 2016 and 2017 with 300 female participants, between 12 to 49 years old, in Singapore
  • * 2 Based on INTAGE Inc SRI data, Sensitive Skincare Product Market, value base, Curél is the No. 1 brand for sensitive skin in Japan from 1 Jan 2013 to 31 Dec 2016
  • * 3 Based on 2-week Home Use Test by 50 Japanese females, aged 30 to 49 years old, with dry and sensitive skin
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