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From the No. 1 Sanitary Protection Brand* in Singapore

Stay Confident with Laurier Fresh Comfort!

Laurier Fresh Comfort 让您随时都充满自信!

Available from November 2018 [Singapore] – Laurier, the No.1 Brand in Sanitary Protection Category for Value Sales in Total Singapore* , believes in empowering and supporting women throughout their different life stages from puberty to adulthood (menstrual and non-menstrual days) and to lead a high quality life daily.

Laurier -- 新加坡第一畅销卫生棉品牌* ,忠于无时无刻辅助与支持女性,从发育期到成年时,让她们无忧无虑 享受优质生活。

As a Feminine care expert, Laurier also seeks to continue providing comfort and confidence to women even after they have reached menopause. Urinary incontinence affects 30-40% of women worldwide1 . It refers to the involuntary leak of urine. Most suffers remained able-bodied and yearn to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

作为女性卫生用品的领导者,Laurier 也持续为成熟女士们维持自信与舒适感。全世界有大约 30% - 40% 的女 性受尿失禁的影响。尿失禁是指无法完全控制排尿,尿液会不自主地泄漏。许多患者依然可自行照顾自身, 可望继续保持活跃与健康的生活。

As women age and their pelvic floor weaken for several reasons, it may result in urinary incontinence. More common causes are pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes and gravity.

随着年龄的增长,骨盆底肌会跟着松弛,导致尿失禁。其它主要原因还有怀孕、生育、荷尔蒙的变化和地心引 力。

Introducing Laurier Fresh Comfort Light Urinary Leak pads from Japan.

现推出来自日本的 Laurier Fresh Comfort 轻度尿失禁棉垫


Developed by Japan advanced R&D, the Triple Care benefits of Laurier Fresh Comfort
Light Urinary leak napkin provides you with the security and comfort that you desire.

由日本研发,Laurier Fresh Comfort 轻度尿失禁棉垫有着三重保护,让用者感觉安全与舒适。

·It is 40% thinner# than a napkin^ yet it can absorb 6 times# more. You can still feel comfortable and safe even with sudden urine leakage. 虽比普通卫生棉更薄,但吸收量高出 6 倍,在突然漏尿时依然 感觉舒适与自在。
·24 hours deodorizing with antibacterial effect. 全天候除菌消臭,有效预防异味。
·It is so soft and gentle to skin like it is barely there, protecting skin from friction. 如纯棉般的触感, 轻柔贴合肌肤,减少摩擦。


Laurier Fresh comfort comes in 4 capacities, catering to different amount of leakages,retailing at $7.95 per pack.
Laurier Fresh Comfort 共有 4 种吸收容量, 各零售价为 $7.95:


Laurier Fresh comfort is exclusively available in selected NTUC FairPrice and Unity stores as below:
现独家售于指定 NTUC FairPrice 及 Unity 商店:


Laurier, the No. 1 sanitary brand in Singapore, empowers menstruating women with high levels of security and comfort, enabling them to live life to their fullest even when they are having their periods. Laurier carries a wide of sanitary pads and pantyliners, catering to the different needs of Singaporean women.


For more information, please contact:

Ms Angeline Tan
Assistant Brand Manager – Laurier
Kao (Singapore) Pte Ltd

6681 4812

* Laurier's calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its MarketTrack service for the Sanitary Protection category for the 12 month period ending September 2018, for the Singapore total grocery market. (Copyright © 2018, The Nielsen Company.)
1 Article from Society for Continence (Singapore)
# Tested on a 50cc Fresh Comfort pad using synthetic urine
^ Compared to a regular slim napkin used for menstruation

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