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Media Release – New & Improved MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask for increased relaxation and comfort!


Did you know that 70%* of professionals in Singapore work longer than their contracted hours? Do you know that the time we spend at work is equivalent to the duration we face electronic devices?

High stress levels and strained eyes are a result of long working hours, heavy workload as well as using electronic devices for extended period of time.

Relieve eye strain and work stress with improved MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask!

Developed with Japan’s unique and innovative steam heat technology, ‘MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask’ is a self-warming eye mask which produces comfortable steam heat. The abundance of comfortable 40ºC steam heat produced gently envelopes your eyes to relieve and relax strained eyes and ease away tensions to soothe your stressful moods.

Mask On, Relaxation Double Up!

Enjoy higher level of relaxation and comfort with the improved MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask!

·Unique steam heat technology to extend the comfort duration by 2 times to 20 minutes
·Improved ear strap fit for a wider spread of warmth around the eyes


Time to de-stress and relax after a hard day’s of work!

Key Product Features:

·Warms up upon opening of pouch
·One-time usage for hygiene and convenience
·Ultra-thin material conforms to your eye contour
·Soft ear straps to comfortably secure steam eye mask in place


How to Use:


Price & Availability

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask comes in a pack of 5 and is available in the following scents – Unscented, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and Yuzu.


The new and improved MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask range is available in leading western pharmacies and supermarkets, retailing at S$6.50 per pack.

Please visit the following sites for more product information:



For more information, please contact:

Ms Debbie Wong
Brand Executive – MegRhythm
Kao Singapore Private Limited

6681 4810
  • * Source: Asia One: Are we working too much?
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