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It's time for a good night's sleep with MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch!


Launching in March 2018, Singapore –
Do you often feel restless and tired from the hectic and stressful lifestyle? Do you still feel lethargic even after a whole night’s rest? Not being able to unwind completely before going to sleep can affect the quality and duration of your sleep.

Deep Relaxation is the key to a good night's sleep.

Enjoy a deep and sweet slumber with MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch!

MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch activates your relaxation point at the base of your neck! Designed and developed with Kao’s unique and state-of-art technology, MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch is an innovative self-warming steam patch which generates a comfortable 40ºC steam heat for about 30 minutes.

The base of your neck is most sensitive to warmth and the abundance of warm steam produced helps to lift away your stress and troubles, soothe and ease you into deep relaxation, gently lulling you into dreamland.


Recommended to use 30 minutes before bedtime while applying skincare, reading or watching TV; when you want to wind down.


Price and Availability

MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch comes in a pack of 5 and is available in Unscented and Dreamy Lavender scents.


MegRhythm Good-Night Steam Patch will be available in leading western pharmacies from March 2018 onwards, retailing at S$7.50 per pack.

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For more information, please contact:

Ms Debbie Wong
Brand Executive – MegRhythm
Kao Singapore Private Limited

6681 4810
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