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Curél introduces its first Aging Care Series

Ease your worries of dry and sensitive aging skin with Curel’s two-step routine


Singapore, January 2018 – The search for effective anti-aging facial products is as tough a challenge; but throw sensitive skin into the equation and it becomes a whole new ballgame altogether. For sensitive-skin sufferers in their 30s who wish to take early action against new-found wrinkles, or those in their 40s to 60s who wish to tighten their sensitive aged skin; it can be perplexing as most multi-step skincare routines can wreak havoc on their easily-irritated skin.

Coming in to tackle this challenge, Curél – Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin[i], – introduces its first contender in the anti-aging arena – the Aging Care Series that promises to improve skin’s resilience within eight weeks. Comprising a lotion, gel cream or cream, it is a simple yet effective two-step process for those who wish to take a gentler and more straightforward approach to fighting aging for their dry, sensitive skin.

Why go for two when you can go for more?

The appeal of a simple skincare routine is underrated, as the beauty industry encourages using as many products as possible to upkeep youth and beauty. But is it really beneficial to layer up multiple products, especially if one is already suffering from dry, sensitive skin?

The benefits of a straightforward skincare are aplenty for those who have sensitive or problemprone skin. A complex skincare routine comprising products loaded with chemical ingredients can increase the likelihood of skin irritation and sensitivity, and could also potentially lead to major breakouts. It is thus more important to keep it simple and choose products that are highly efficient yet gentle on skin.

Two-step Curél Aging Care for daily use
Fragrance, colourant and alcohol free, the Curél Aging Care Series is also allergy-tested with pH closest to skin; that proves effective to improve skin resilience and elasticity for sensitive skin.

1. Lotion


For sensitive skin troubled with visible fine lines or loss of firmness caused by dryness, moisturise your skin with Curél Aging Care Moisture Lotion. The ultra-nourishing lotion will firm up your skin, and is suitable for application even on delicate areas such as the contours of your eyes and lips.

Apply morning and night on cleansed skin. Place an appropriate amount (3 – 4 pumps) on your hand and spread gently all over your face.

2. a) Gel-Cream


Thirsty skin can result in redness and inflammation, allowing signs of aging, like wrinkles, to appear prematurely.

Hydrate with Curél Aging Care Gel-Cream, which is formulated like a serum to spread easily and evenly over skin to lock in moisture. Besides Curel’s unique Ceramide formula, it is also pumped with firming and moisturising agents to make dryness-related fine wrinkles less visible.

Apply morning and night to cleansed skin, after applying lotion. Place an appropriate amount (3 – 4 pumps) on your hand and spread gently all over your face.

b) Moisture Cream


For those wishing to soothe their severe-dry and sensitive skin; opt for the Curél Aging Care Moisture Cream – a rich, luxurious cream that intensely moisturises your skin while leaving it with an airy light after-feel.

Apply after lotion. Take an appropriate (approximately 2cm in diameter) and spread smoothly and gently all over face.

Fighting Ceramide deficiency

Dry sensitive skin typically lacks skin’s essential ingredient – Ceramide, which fills up the empty skin between skin cells to protect the skin from external irritants and prevent moisture loss.

Without sufficient levels of Ceramide in the epidermis, which is the upper or outer layer that makes up our skin, moisture can easily escape and fine wrinkles appear due to the decreased flexibility of the epidermis. The lack of Ceramide also renders the skin susceptible to attacks from external irritants, which decreases skin elasticity further.


Packed with Curél’s unique Ceramide Care formula, products of the Aging Care Series correct its deficiency to lock in skin’s moisture and prevent further loss, keeping skin elastic, supple, and firm.

The Aging Care Series also fundamentally fights sensitive skin inflammation with its antiinflammatory ingredients such as Dolabrata extract and Alantoin; and improve skin resilience with Ginger extracts that control elastic fiber resolve.

Tested and proven effectiveness of Aging Care Series


[Left]: Skin condition of user with dry, sensitive skin before product usage
[Right]: Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and cheek zone visibly reduced after eight weeks of product usage
Disclaimer: Do note that results from product usage will differ for different skin types

To validate the effectiveness of the Aging Care Series in improving the appearance of wrinkles on dry sensitive skin, a controlled clinical trial was conducted by Curel over the course of eight weeks. Subjects were chosen based on their skin condition, and those from 35 – 60 year-old with dry, sensitive skin were picked to test out the range. The above are the before-and-after images of the trial, showing how the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and cheek zone had visibly reduced after eight weeks of product usage.

The Curél Aging Care Series is available exclusively at Watsons, and the products are priced at:
- Curél Aging Care Moisture Lotion: $36.80 (140ml)
- Curél Aging Care Moisture Gel Cream / Cream: $46.80 (40ml)

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