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Merries Baby Skincare Range

Your complete skincare essentials for a healthy and moisturised baby skin



A baby’s skin is delicate and not capable enough to preserve moisture, causing the skin to be prone to dryness and vulnerable to external irritants and dehydration. Thus, proper skincare is vital to protecting your baby’s skin and ensuring it remains healthy and supple.

Merries, the No. 1* diaper brand in Japan, known for its baby diapers that are soft and gentle to babies’ delicate skin, has recently launched its Baby Skincare Range, developed with advanced skin technology and years of extensive baby skin research.

Consisting of the Baby Foaming Wash for Hair and Body, Baby Lotion and Baby Cream, Merries Baby Skincare Range offers a comprehensive set of skincare essentials, which are needed to effectively cleanse and moisturise a baby’s delicate skin, keeping the skin soft and moisturised.

  • * No.1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in term of Sales Value share for Tape and Pants diapers, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan., (July. 2007 to June. 2016).

Ensuring a healthy and supple skin

A baby’s skin is half as thin as an adult’s and its growing skin remains thin and vulnerable to irritants and dryness. With the delicateness of a baby’s skin, it is unable to fully retain Ceramide in the skin, which is the skin’s essential component that retains moisture for healthy skin, boosting the skin’s natural barrier function to protect it against external irritation and moisture loss.

Using skincare that helps to retain ceramide on baby’s skin is recommended to keep the skin supple and healthy at all times.


Merries Baby Skincare Range helps to retain ceramide on baby’s delicate skin, thus maintaining a smooth and healthy skin for baby, keeping it soft and moisturized from cleanse to finish.

Gentle on a baby’s delicate skin

Merries Baby Skincare range is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested, pH balanced, and is specially developed with a gentle to skin formula that is suitable for newborns and babies. With Merries, your baby can have a supple and healthy skin and both you and your baby can enjoy every growing milestone happily. Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!

Product information


Merries Baby Foaming Wash for Body & Hair
Merries Baby Wash rich foam gently cleanses while retaining moisture for healthy skin, without damaging skin’s essential moisturising component, “Ceramide”.

Spreads smoothly and cleanses baby’s delicate skin.

Easy rinse with quick de-foam formula.

1. Pump an appropriate amount of foam onto palm.
2. Do not lather. Gently massage to damp hair and body and rinse off thoroughly


Merries Baby Lotion and Cream
Merries Baby Lotion and Cream contains a ceramide* functioning ingredient that has a moisturising effect that deeply moisturises, keeping delicate skin hydrated and smooth and protects it from dryness & irritation.

  • * Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide (moisturising effect ingredient)

Spread smoothly & penetrates into the skin surface layer easily, moisturising and protecting skin areas prone to dryness.

Usage: Apply gently and evenly over face and body

Price and availability

The Merries Baby Skincare Range is available in Singapore at selected FairPrice outlets and FairPrice Online. The products are priced at:
- Merries Baby Foaming Wash (400 ml) $18.95
- Merries Baby Lotion (300 ml) $18.95
- Merries Baby Cream (60 g) $12.95

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