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MEDIA RELEASE - Men's Biore Instant Foam Range

Improved formulation for longer-lasting foam and more efficient cleansing performance


Singapore, November 2017 – Excess sebum formation is a common skincare woe for men. To compound matters, the modern 21st century male is often time-strapped, and unlike women, they tend to relegate skincare to the bottom of their to-do lists. Enter the Men’s Biore Instant Foam range, to help men target effectively target common skin problems such as oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads, and acne.

Upgraded with an improved formulation, the new Men’s Biore Instant Foam range uses the latest foam technology that strengthens the durability and cleansing performance of the foam, enabling it to remove even the most stubborn of sebum without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

Advanced foam technology

Eradicating the need for lathering, one pump is all it takes to discharge a generous amount of dense, rich foam. The improved formula, developed with Men’s Biore Enhanced Foam Film technology, produces a denser and finer foam that also lasts longer so that it does not dissipate easily during cleansing. The Men’s Biore Instant Foam range is also gentler to skin, and the micro-bubbles are able to penetrate deep into pores to thoroughly cleanse and remove dirt and sebum without stripping skin of its natural moisture. The result is a smooth and clean appearance that does not feel tight.

3 variants, 1 result

The Men's Biore Instant Foam range also comprises three variants to address different skincare needs: Moisture for long-lasting freshness for normal to dry skin, Medicated Acne Care for men with acne-prone skin, and Refreshing to provide long-lasting oil control for combination and oily skin types. Whichever the choice is, the result will be the same – smooth, refreshed, and hydrated skin without any feeling of tightness.

Convenient 2-in-1 ability

The dense foam produced by the Men’s Biore Instant Foam range also doubles up as a shaving foam. By combining cleansing and shaving into one step, men can literally shave time off their daily skincare routine.

Newer, slicker look

From helping men to look good, the improved Men’s Biore Instant Foam range, as well as the Men’s Biore Facial Wash range, will come in a new look for a refreshed appearance.

Price and availability

The improved Men’s Biore Instant Foam range will be available at all leading pharmacies and selected supermarkets and hypermarkets from October 2017 onwards. The 150ml pump bottle and the 130ml tube version each retail at $9.85.

For more media enquiries, please contact:

Chua Huimin
Brand Manager

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