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MEDIA RELEASE - Shield your skin against pollution and harmful UV rays with the all-new Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum range from Bioré

First body lotion in the market with high SPF 50 and Anti-Pollution property!


Singapore, April 2017 – With rising air pollution levels globally, there is concern that people are becoming more susceptible to skin damage when exposed to the outdoors, not forgetting the harm the sun’s UV rays can cause to our skin. To address these concerns, Bioré has come up with its all-new Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum range – the first-ever body lotion product in the market which provides maximum UV protection of SPF 50+ PA+++ with Anti-Pollution properties.

As the leading UV brand in Singapore , Bioré has been keeping at the top of its game with its wide range of innovative UV product offerings, designed to meet different consumers’ needs. The launch of its all-new Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum range falls under an expansion of its UV product line, with two variants under it – the Intensive White and Extra Moist Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum. The fast-absorbing body lotion leaves skin feeling light & refreshed, keeping users comfortable all-day even under the hot sun.

Now, women can rest their heart at ease with this multi-tasking product, formulated to tackle pollutants and protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays!

Let’s take a look at the shared USPs of this product range:

Maximum sun protection with its superior double UV block

Its SPF 50+ PA +++ properties will keep users protected from UVA and UVB rays, effectively diminishing any chances of dark spots or freckles forming on skin, as well as prevent sunburn and premature ageing. On top of maximum sun protection, it is also water and sweat resistant, which ensures that your skin gets protected for longer hours!

Anti-Pollution Shield

While most people are no stranger to the potential damage brought about by the sun’s harmful UV rays, are they aware of how pollutants in the air such as dust and dirt particles can affect our skin?

Damage resulting from air pollution is naked to the human eye, and more often than not, people are unaware of its impact to our skin. These can include skin dehydration and the acceleration of skin ageing, leading to the roughening of our skin and causing uneven skin tone. It can even deprive the skin of oxygen and dry the skin’s natural oils.

A layer of shield is formed upon each application of the Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum, keeping skin clean while fending off pollutants. With a fast-absorbing ultra-light serum texture which spreads easily across the skin, users will find that there is no sticky after-feel, or any residue left on skin.

Introducing the two product variants

Intensive White Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum (with Vitamin B3 & Yuzu Orange)
Achieve fairer skin in just 14 days with the Intensive White Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum! Intensive skin whitening is made possible with its special formulation of Vitamin B3 and Yuzu Orange extracts.

Extra Moist Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum (with Vitamin E & Collagen)
The product contains Bioré’s Moisture Pack Technology as well as soluble collagen which works to keep our skin deeply moisturized beyond the surface level.

Price & availability

The Intensive White and Extra Moist Bioré Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum is priced at S$12.90/ 150ml tube, and will be available from March 2017 onwards at selected leading pharmacies.***

For any enquiries, please contact:

Chua Huimin

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